This is it, folks. The 31st post on the 31st day, bringing to an end the optional challenge portion of Blaugust if not Blaugust as a whole, as that continues forward to the end of the week. I often do find that I’ll continue posting daily for a while beyond the completion of Blaugust but I don’t know if that’ll happen this time around.

Unless some epiphany strikes on what I might’ve learned this Blaugust, I suspect I shall take at least one day’s break- oh hold on, no I won’t.


The deluxe edition of Starfield releases into our hot little hands tomorrow, midday by NZ reckoning. Work is pretty full on at the moment, so I won’t be able to justify finishing early — but I will at least be able to work from home and save the transit time afterwards. So huzzah for small victories!

It feels like quite a like time, too, since the last one of these. I think largely because there have been 30 other posts between here and there. Before Blaugust, those 30 posts might’ve represented almost a year of posting. Eesh!

Looking Back

I don’t really do the whole ‘Looking Back’ thing as a matter of course any more, but figure could make an exception for a brief version of it to go back over the previous years of Blaugust (and Blapril).

Still blows my mind a little there are now four other years — five including this one — behind me now. The 2019 event seems so long ago. I remember being hyped to participate for Blaugust basically the entire year, as I was introduced to Bel and the Blaugust community in January by Jaedia, when I made my return to blogging, ostensibly for Anthem (lol).

January has never felt so far from August, let me tell you!

Gaming Goals

Goals for September 2023

This is another block I haven’t done in a while. I cut them loose to give myself a break back in December 2022, but perhaps now is an OK time to look at bringing them back.

As for what I’ll do? Well…

  • Starfield — Publish at least two posts in the Starfield Series!
    Hopefully, I’ll get more than that, but going to start things off easy for myself and just ask for two.
  • Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon — Simply don’t drop the game.
    Hah. Continuing the trend of taking it somewhat easy on myself…

Right now with ACVI, I’m up to the Balteus fight that caps off Chapter 1. I’ve not been playing as much as I’d like over the last few nights, but I feel that I’m close to cracking the fight and will probably get it pretty shortly into my next play session.

Maybe as a stretch goal I can say I’ll also try to beat the Chapter 2 boss before the end of September.

Who knows how much time Starfield is going to take though? It could be all-consuming, or it could be nothing at all if it’s so buggy as to render playing frustrating. Roll of the dice!

Games Played August 2023

RankGameHours% of Gaming Time
1The Division 27.224.4%
2Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon6.823.2%
3Let’s School3.411.4%
4Dave the Diver3.010.2%
5Baldur’s Gate 32.79.3%
7Chivalry 21.55.2%
8Black Desert Online1.34.3%
Links are to posts about the game in question which were made this month — where multiple posts were made this month about a game; may link to the category or tag instead.

I predict gaming hours will shoot up in September, certainly vs. what August has been. Work is still going to be intense, probably from here til Christmas — so it might not jump to the crazy highs of December/January, but maybe we’ll see a match with April?

Guess we’ll have to find out. I could be completely off!

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