After a few extra days delay from the intended original Early Access launch date, and some significant server woes aside… I managed to get into Wayfarer for about… 20 minutes! Maybe less!

I got through the basic tutorial section and was heading down into what I assume would’ve opened up to the first ‘proper’ area when bam — booted back to the login queue.

It is pretty though — moreso than these screenshots suffering compression will convey.

As to whether it’s worth buying in just yet… Ehh… Possibly not. Take a watch-and-see approach to the server issues, methinks.

Also remember that ultimately it won’t be necessary to ‘buy in’ at all. Sometime next year (if all goes to plan), it will be completely Free to Play, ala Warframe, which this is clearly cribbing many notes from. Probably with blessings though, given it is DE that publishes this!


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