It has been a while since I dipped into BDO. December last year I jumped in for a couple of hours and discovered new characters had the option of skipping to the then-new, Mountain of Eternal Winter zone. Which I did. But was probably a mistake if I wanted to continue on, as no sooner did I land, did the thoughts of the zones I had missed come to the fore.

Today when I again jumped in on a whim, I discovered new characters can optionally skip to the right-now-actually-new Land of the Morning Light.

And of course, I did.

… This is one mistake I apparently didn’t learn from the first time.

I’m already wondering if I delete this seasonal character whether I’ll be allowed to make a new one. I haven’t actually checked yet how much longer this season has left.

Oh nice. Quite a bit then! And also checked on the deletion thing — yes you can, although it doesn’t reset the season pass. So anything you’ve already claimed will not be claimable again.

In any event, whether I stop playing again, change character, or keep going on this one… I did at least get a few shots of my arrival!

Oh, and I claimed the free Dream Horse, too! I thought I had missed that, but the event has been extended for another few days. If you have even the slightest desire to maybe ever play BDO again and don’t have a Dream Horse yet — probably worth a download and jumping in for a few minutes to get it.

Of course… I jumped in ‘just for a few minutes to get it’ and ended up playing for an hour and a half on a character I was quite sure I wasn’t even going to continue with… So, you know. Enter at your own risk.

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