Another bundle, another month, another ‘limited time’ offer to pick-up all twelve games in the bundle if you’re a Classic or Premium subscriber.

Last month, for the first time in a while, there were some titles I was actually quite excited to get. And you know what? November’s bundle rather thankfully carries on that trend. In fact with even more titles I’m super keen to pick-up. There are four that make it to the top of the list, bold, ready to join my library in December for a potential play.

As always, I list in descending order of desire and I pretend I don’t own any of the titles. (Although in actual fact, this is another month in which I truly don’t own any of the titles on offer.)

My Picks for November 2020’s Humble Choice

1Yakuza Kiwami 2Action-Adventure / Open World (GTA Style)
2Darksiders IIIHack and Slash
3Imperator: RomeGrand Strategy
4Crying SunsSci-fi Roguelike
5DarksburgCo-op ARPG
6Townsmen – A Kingdom RebuiltCity Builder
8DarkwoodSurvival Horror
9TSIOQUEPoint & Click
10Smile For MePoint & Click
11Little MisfortuneInteractive Story
12Rover Mechanic SimulatorSimulation
Bold titles are ones I’m sure I want. Top tier options. Italic titles I might not bother to redeem even with the choice to do so. (Although none of those this time!)

The Yakuza series I’ve had only limited exposure to, never having played them for the original releases. Then Humble Bundle trained me quite early on not to buy them, because they inevitably show up in here sooner or later. And, well, here we go! :) We’ve had Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami before this and they’ve taught me to quite appreciate the series.

Darksiders III and Imperator: Rome are both games I really wanted to like. Darksiders because I loved the series that came before it, and Imperator for Paradox’ legacy of greatness stemming from the games that came before.

Crying Suns

But in both cases, they were disappointing launches. Both seemingly having had some love and improvements piled on since their launch, but never quite enough to get me to pull the trigger on a purchase.

Crying Suns on the other hand launched to a fair degree of acclaim. It has been likened to FTL (one of my favourite games) but with a stronger story component.

The only reason I hadn’t spent money on it and picked it up myself is because I just really couldn’t see where I’d fit in the time to pick it up and play it. Not that that always stops me from purchasing games, but this time it did.

Overall — this is a pretty good selection of titles for me. And honestly, Humble Choice needed it as I had been toying with the idea of finally letting my classic subscription status go. The quality prior to last month seemingly having dropped a fair bit. Now? I guess we’ll see!


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