The hankering to play something off-list might’ve died down with my recent enamourment with Skyrim. And yes, even Watch Dogs: Legion which I’d only managed to just get started with before November rolled around, has been successfully put to the side. Cyperpunk 2077 kindly stepped out of November’s firing line too.

But there are still some danger dates to be concerned about. And they’re fast approaching!

November 10: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Rumours abounded that the next AC game after Odyssey would carry a Vikings theme while I was still playing Odyssey. And my reaction to that at the time was immediate excitement. Perhaps a little too much excitement given I was still in the thick of actually playing Odyssey at the time.

Still, how could I not be?

Where Origins started us down the path of new-style Assassin’s Creed. A path I for one actually quite enjoyed, it was really Odyssey that brought it to life for me. Odyssey was done with just a year’s gap between it and Origins, what would they do with a two year gap, this path, and Vikings?

Hoo boy.

But then the initial videos started coming and.. Uh oh. This didn’t look… great. The CGI trailer seemed to focus on one of the weaker aspects (in my opinion) of Odyssey — the battlefield style engagements. Then we started to see gameplay with the animations just… Not quite looking right. Not quite as connected to the world as they were in Origins or Odyssey.

Fortunately, later videos have shown a great deal of tightening in this arena.

Holding back on this on til end of month is going to be difficult.

November 12: Godfall

Asmiroth already did a pretty good overview of Godfall. But as a mile-high view? Looter-Brawler, where classes are fairly Warframe-esque in nature where they’re dictated by the suit of armor you’re wearing.

Although then the weapon choices have some interesting interplay there, with ability sets of their own.

In any case, as I noted in my comment to Asmiroth’s post — this is one that I very much want to be good, but there are a number of concerning things that make this one more of a wait and see how the reviews pan out shortly after release.

So it might end up being incredibly easy to ignore after all. But at the other end of the spectrum, if it ends up being even half good? Well- it also has co-op play. If the friend group decides to jump on board… Will I really not pick it up til December?

Uncertain.. This isn’t a test I had to face last year!


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