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Damnit. It seems that a return to WoW is now all but inevitable. I pondered in yesterday’s post pursuit of flight in Battle for Azeroth, but it hardly seems a question of ‘if’ any more, just when. I know this because earlier today I found myself logged in again, whittling away at one of the major barriers that exist in returning to enjoyable play with any MMO you’ve been absent from a fair while. One that has, I have no doubt, contributed to spawning an entire blog.

“What the hell are these things in my bags and why am I carrying them?”

Almost, I wish I’d taken a screenshot of my Druid’s bags before I got started. It was quite an eclectic mix. Fish. Meat. Uncut gems. Random ores. Leather and scales. Old world raid drops. Dozens of outdated pieces of BFA gear. Heck, I still had Legion legendaries in there rather than in the bank for some reason.

In these sorts of situations, I have a very simple process:

  1. Does it fit in my bank?
    • Yes: Put it in my bank.1
    • No: Vendor it quickly, before I remember what I wanted it for.

Well alright; for the BFA gear I did also run through my specialisations to check that my auto-equip gear setup for each one was using the latest options that I had available. My criteria for this was… Very loose though. Research primary secondary stat priorities? Pfft. Who has time for that. …Well alright; I do, but to do so now would be to intentionally violate the guiding principle of the ‘No’ check. I didn’t quite just go for max ilvl over all else, but it was close.

After that though, off to the vendor we go!

It was midway through the selling process that I remembered that BFA actually had a scrapper type mechanic. But that just goes to show that I was moving too slowly, and failed to adhere to my own process. I’m not supposed to remember what things are for until after I’m done selling.

I think that would explain many of the random materials I had in my bags.

Anywho. Long story short: I feel like I could breathe again on my Druid when it comes to indiscriminately shift-right-clicking downed enemies to loot all the things. (Almost certainly this has no bearing on the state of my bags in the first place.)

Now, you might be thinking this is a very bad, no good, probably regret-inducing plan. You may worry that I will later find myself in dire need for some item or another I had plenty of prior to my sales spree today. Oh the humanity!

But not to worry. I’ve already forgotten what things I sold.

At worst I might get a bit of a twinge. An… ‘I wonder if I had some of those…’ feeling. But I’ll never know. Especially with not having taken any photographic evidence by way of screenshot. So my sanity is safe.

At least in that respect…

That was just for my Druid. I still have… a few more characters to go.

Also; at some point I’m going to have to decide what to level while the insane XP (and soon rep) buffs exist. Getting the Priest up with an XP buff is quite appealing; but I also really love my monk. It had almost taken over from Druid as my main at the end of Legion when I returned.

My poor old Shaman there could possibly use some love though. Or the Paladin. What about a return to old-school form with the Warrior? I might even give him the benefit of my Shadowlands purchase level boost.


This was a post for Blapril 2020, the annual blogging event (albeit usually as Blaugust), brought forward to help bring a sense of community during the challenging time of COVID-19. Blaugust is an event aiming to welcome new blogger blood into the fold and revitalise those who’ve been at it a little longer.

The Blaugust Discord is still available to join in, year round!


  1. The new(?) crafting reagent storage was a lifesaver here.


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