I was on the fence about this one. Not Starfield in general — I’m super excited for it. But I also know that this is an open-world game. A Bethesda open-world game. The chances of it landing in our hands without more bugs than you can shake a stick at is exceedingly small.

While pumping myself up for the decision not to throw money at the deluxe edition in order to get the 5-days early access, Roger reminded me of something rather pertinent.

We are bloggers. Bloggers that funnily enough, also have blogs.

I know! I know. That’s not exactly something I should need to be reminded of. Or that games with the sort of hype and excitement that Starfield has don’t exactly wander by all that often. … Normally. We have been in kind of a good patch of ‘big’ games of late.

Heck, I was lamenting missing the Baldur’s Gate 3 zeitgeist just recently!

No clue what the next game to hit the community zeitgeist might be — but I think I might make more of an effort with that one, as doing so, I reckon, helps in a very real way with feeling more connected with the community as well.

Me, mere days ago.

‘No clue’ I said!


Roger’s Part 1 on Purchasing the Game is also out. He had found a decent deal for his purchase. I just stuck with buying from Steam direct. I have nothing against the likes of Green Man Gaming, Fanatical or other legitimate third-party sellers, it just happened that my refund on Wayfinder was still sitting in my Steam wallet, burning a bit of a hole.

Yeah in retrospect, there was no way I was not buying Starfield for launch, no matter what I might’ve been telling myself to the contrary.

Logic, you hold no sway here!

In any case, short of downloading the game — all 120GB or so of it, apparently — I’m ready to go and looking forward to it.

No idea how many posts this series will end up consisting of. I certainly won’t use it to chronicle every moment of gameplay as I did with Dark Souls: Remastered, that was a whole lot of effort! Rather, I suspect, it will be more anecdotes and story highlights from my experience with the game, for better or worse.

Really quite looking forward to it now! :D

Who knows if I’ll stick to this plan once first contact with the game is actually made, but I’d like to try build a character with a decent mix of charisma/diplomacy and intellect. Might not fight so well in the early days perhaps, but may end up leaning into the ‘Space Magic’ side of things when that becomes an option.

(Still though… Guns are nice, too.)

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Roger Edwards · August 28, 2023 at 11:06 pm

Glad you’re aboard, hype train notwithstanding. It will be interesting to compare notes as we progress through the game.

    Naithin · August 29, 2023 at 7:58 pm

    Indeed! Very curious how soon it opens up and how far off the beaten track you’ll be able to go in those opening hours.

Nimgimli · August 29, 2023 at 3:29 am

I’m a Game Pass subscriber so I get Starfield for “free”, but given that the 5 days early access includes, here in the US, a 3-day weekend, and for me a 3.5 day weekend as my company closes at 1 PM on Friday, I decided to spend the $35-ish US to upgrade to the deluxe edition so I can start later this week too.

I will be SO happy when the embargo lifts and people start playing it because recently there’ve been so many hatchet-jobs on this game that it is getting really tiresome. Not sure if everyone has been exposed to these but for whatever reason the various algorithms have been showing them to me. Like there was one knucklehead that declared that since the ‘title screen’ was so “plain” that it indicates the game is going to suck. Not even sure what his logic was but of course it’s the Internet so that became a thing.

More recently the controversy is that when you land at a random spot on a planet the game generates a “tile” (procedurally…tho I guess there are also pre-designed points of interest on most planets too) that is about the size of the Skyrim map. It is possible to reach the edge of this “tile” at which point you need to do…. something….to generate more planet for yourself. So because of this, clearly Starfield is complete trash, right? /sarcasm.

Anyway I just feel like, for clicks or whatever, right now tearing down Starfield is the new hotness. I look forward to when folks are focused on playing it, rather than trashing it. Or if they’re trashing it, it will be because the game is not good and actually deserves to be trashed.

    Naithin · August 29, 2023 at 8:06 pm

    I had heard the start screen one before, and just earlier today came across the generated tile stuff.

    The start menu I agree is an absolute nothingburger. I liked the reply that just simply copied a screenshot of the Skyrim start menu in. xD

    The procedurally generated ’tiles’ we’ll have to see.

    I’ve heard it both ways now, but if visited tiles remain persistent within a single game, pft, that’s fine. No problem by me.

    But if they’re not at all persistent and regen on each visit, I dunno. That could be more problematic.

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