Starfield will let you design your own ship layouts. It possibly shouldn’t. Not to just any old Jim anyway. But it does. I hadn’t played a great deal with it, and in fact had only purchased one new ship in general. I’m still only capable of flying the lowest class of ship (Class A for some reason, which seems counterintuitive to me. Class C is the best currently in the game).

What prompted me to start messing with the Ship Upgrade tools was similar to the reason I bought a new ship in the first place: Cargo space.

Although in this case, it was specifically shielded cargo space I was after. I’ve been a busy little beaver infiltrating the Crimson Fleet on behalf of ‘UC SysDef’ and sensed that perhaps my time with these charming folk was coming to an end. So it might well be worth getting at least a little shielded cargo space while I had the opportunity. I wasn’t sure when next I might come into contact with individuals both willing and able to furnish my ship with such.

Adding on two shielded cargo bays was simple enough. The ‘Marathon’ class ship I had purchased earlier and far and away too much Grav Drive fuel storage against my current needs, so I ripped off a couple of tanks on the side of the ship and put in my new box for naughty toys (not that type!) and thought I’d call it a day.

Well, one thing led to another, in that I realised the extra mass had further reduced my ship’s mobility… Adding extra engines on took a bit of finagling, and then a better reactor made sense to drive it all… And oh, these guys had better grav drives available than what came stock as well? OOH, CREW MODULES WITH CRAFTING STATIONS! And on it went.


… This was the result.

Looking again, I’m not sure ‘brick’ is really the best descriptor.

Breadstick? Meatloaf, perhaps? Smaller dog mounts bigger dog?

Aesthetics (or lack thereof) aside, I’m happy with the setup for now. It just… also serves as perhaps a bit of a motivator to focus more on my piloting skill to move up to the wider body higher class ships that look, well, better than that. xD

Flying bread-loaf-dog-thing aside, perhaps as a bit of a taste of what I’ve been up to besides making flying monstrosities:


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Mailvaltar · September 12, 2023 at 5:02 am

Looks like a Twinkie if you ask me. :-)

    Naithin · September 12, 2023 at 5:23 pm

    Hah, I’ll take it. Much nicer than some of the other descriptors! xD

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