The first month of the year is down. 8% give or take. I can’t decide if I feel like that’s a little or a lot — but as with most January’s, it felt like it came in two halves. The first half being holiday mode, an ever-too-fleeting yet joyous time of year. Then came the return to work and the general intrusion of normal life once more. It has only been a few weeks — but at times it’s easy to forget the holiday ever happened.

But it did!

And boy did I get some gaming done. I haven’t had a month like this since, er, last January funnily enough.

Quite a variety of games too; I’d really have to go digging to see when I last played so many games in a month… …There we go; it was December 2021. Matched this month exactly in variety with 20 games played. Eeesh.

Anywho, moving on to the goals!

Gaming Goals

Goals for January 2024

My goals for January were a loop of their own, in a way. Alan Wake 2 I adjusted the goal to include finishing ‘The Final Draft’, the New Game+ mode which included a new ending.

And then as a copy of December again, I completed the Alan Wake 2 goal, and, uh, didn’t for Lies of P. Poor Lies of P. I legitimately enjoyed what I played, but for whatever reason, I keep backburnering it vs… well; this month it seems, behind almost anything else. xD

  • Alan Wake 2 — Finish the Final Draft
  • Lies of P — Play for at least a further 10 hours over December.

Goals for February 2024

Shockingly, given Granblue Fantasy Relink is out at the end of this week (for PC; already available for PS5), I for a moment wondered what I might even put as my goals for February. I think I’m ready to abandon my Lies of P goals, so not going to carry that one across.

Could I put in a ‘negative’ goal? As in, do not play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Because that’s tempting. Out of my gaming friend group; there is one super keen — but I just do not see the appeal. Even as a firm believer in ‘co-op can make almost any game good’, Suicide Squad just looks so… so… SO, samey.

… and yet, I know that I am at least 50/50 likely to cave and give it a shot. ;)

More seriously, here’s what I’m going to shoot for.

  • Granblue Fantasy Relink — Finish the Singleplayer Campaign
    This should be fairly easy — as the campaign is ‘only’ 20 hours or so, with a large swath of MP content that follows.
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker — Complete Act 2
    I don’t actually know how much I’ve signed myself up for with that. I completed Act 1 a while ago though, and I now have the option of unlocking Demolition Charges, once I save enough LT (Lynx Tokens, aka skill points) for it. I’ve not been able to help myself from spending them on other upgrades to basically every other tool — but now the ships I’m being tasked to break down are punishing me for this choice with grade 3 cut points. *grumble*

Games Played January 2024

Hold onto your seats; there were a lot this time around.

RankGameHours% Gaming Time
1Baldur’s Gate 363.435.1%
2Diablo IV40.122.2%
3Alan Wake 215.08.3%
4Hardspace: Shipbreaker13.47.4%
6Yakuza 06.23.4%
8Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen3.72.1%
10Mad Games Tycoon 23.41.9%
11Monster Hunter: World3.11.7%
12Songs of Syx2.91.6%
13Remnant 22.71.5%
14Software Inc2.61.5%
15The Universim2.61.5%
16Marvel Midnight Suns1.60.9%
17New Cycle1.40.8%
18Last Epoch1.30.7%
19Dyson Sphere Program1.30.7%
20War Thunder0.90.5%

Phewph, there we go. That’s the list. Add an RTS in there and it’d have all the main genre bases covered just about!

Oh, would need an FPS too I guess.

Here we go, some rapid-fire notes on a few of the games played:

  • Baldur’s Gate 3: Yup. Very late to the party. But having a blast. In Act 2 in my SP campaign, and nearing the end of Act 1 in our 4-player MP campaign. Honestly, I knew the game was getting huge kudos and was very well received — but I still couldn’t have imagined how good it was without trying for myself.
  • Diablo IV: I jumped in for Season 3, and… for all the flak the season has been getting from the more seasoned professionals; I’ve had a bit of a blast. I think it is coming to an end though; as I’m level 80-something on my Rogue; and getting more regular ilvl 925 drops. Sure, I could keep going for more incremental power, but, I think almost done until next season.
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker: This one has been on my, ‘I’ll come back to this one day’ list for quite some time. Unlike most of the games on that list though; I actually have. I would put this into that ‘oddly satisfying’ class of games, as I imagine some people would the likes of ‘PowerWash Simulator‘.

And then last one, I think…

  • Yakuza 0: The Yakuza (or more recently, the ‘Like a Dragon’) series is one I have aspirations of one day playing through completely. But given each game individually can be 100+ hours… And there are at least 8 of them… I dunno; it’s quite the aspiration. Nonetheless, I jumped in and started. We’ll see where (if anywhere) it goes!

Books Read January 2024

Still making my way through this one. I must admit to two things however:

  1. I had clearly left starting this one a little too long, as I initially had a good amount of trouble remembering who anyone was or specifics as to what had happened in the prior two books.
  2. I didn’t really read too much in January. While on holiday, I typically stayed up waaay too late and then even if attempting to read before sleep, would get maybe a paragraph or two in before crashing.

Despite both issues though; I’m enjoying going through this one a decent amount. It certainly isn’t the struggle I started to have with The Great Leveller for whatever reason.

Now that work has returned to the picture, perhaps my reading will regain some normalcy too, with a bit more happening before sleep!


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Nimgimli · February 1, 2024 at 6:49 am

I have an Achievement for finishing Act of of Shipbreaker (I’m playing the PC Game Pass version so of course Achievements!) but have no recollection of doing so or even that there were acts!

I also didn’t unlock the demo charges so maybe I should. Maybe that will advance things?

I feel like I blow stuff up pretty good even without demo charges though.. “Oh heck, I guess there was still fuel running through that junction.” (he says, as he starts tediously grappling busted bits of ship and slinging them into the recycler.).

    Naithin · February 2, 2024 at 8:02 am

    That unlocking demolition charges helps move the acts along is my current theory as well — so will see if that’s true or not soon enough, saving up for it at the moment!

    But yes… I’ve had some fairly spectacular ‘booms’ without their benefit so far. xD

    My hope is that perhaps they’re at least a LITTLE more controlled than a fireball following a path down the unflushed fuel lines. xD

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