Gaming-wise, nothing quite grabbed me over April. I still sampled a fair number of things — although only half as many as last month — but none stuck with the same ferocity.

Although I will say, that is only really half the picture.

The rest is that work has been busier than usual, with a restructure shaking things up and giving me (temporarily, at least) two roles to look after. I’m excited by the changes ahead, just a bit of a messy transition to get through first.

I’m unsure whether this also led to my dismal progress against my goals or not. I still feel like I could have… But, well, may as well jump over to them!

Gaming Goals

April (and also May’s, as it turns out) Gaming Goals

  • Cities: Skylines 2 — Update my Impressions of the Game.
    It has been almost 6 months since Cities: Skylines 2 came out in its, frankly, atrocious state. There has been a lot of work done, that is undeniable. But… Is it enough? Is it ‘better’ than Cities 1 yet? Time to find out, I guess, and update my impressions here in the process.

Well, I did the easier bit of this. I played it a bunch and certainly, my impressions of the game have been updated…

Job done? … Eeerrr, no. I know when I wrote the goal, I intended to post said updated impressions. So I’ll carry it over. Along with…

  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 or Horizon Forbidden West — Play another 10+ hours.
    I don’t think I’ve ever given myself an ‘or’ goal before, but here we go! The freedom to choose either one, and play it for another 10-hours or more. The idea being here to ensure I’m getting some value from at least one of these titles given I jumped into both at full price. A further 10-hours in DD2 means a total playtime of >=21 hours, and for Horizon Forbidden West, 12.6 hours.

I couldn’t have failed this one harder if I actively tried.

I didn’t play either game for any amount of hours let alone getting one of them to a +10 position.

Sadly, I think I might already be done with Dragon’s Dogma 2. As much as I enjoyed it getting started, I think the weight of what the game is missing, for example, any sense of the world’s reacting to your presence, has weakened the experience for me.

Or, it might not be anything to do with that, and it might just be that my inclination to game skip kicked in and here we go!

Either way, I’m going to leave this goal as written for next month as well and we’ll see what happens.

Games Played in March 2024

RankGameHours% Gaming Time
1Cities: Skylines II13.929.8%
3Symphony of War4.49.5%
4Grand Theft Auto V3.67.7%
5Phoenix Point2.86.1%
6Helldivers 22.65.7%
7Red Dead Redemption 22.45.2%
8Captain of Industry1.43.0%
10Coral Island1.22.6%

Not included in this list is some 10-12ish hours of Unicorn Overlord, which I picked up on my Switch. Honestly? I never expected to buy anything else again for the Switch, I use it so rarely — but here we go.

The Tactics drive from last month clearly hadn’t entirely evaporated. Phoenix Point (with the new Terror From the Void 1.0 mod) was another recent attempt to scratch it, but I think for now, more likely to continue with Unicorn Overlord.

All said and done, 46.5 hours were spent playing games, a fraction of the months preceding!

Other Stuff

Last month, I said I wasn’t yet sold on Mike Brooks’ The Black Coast. I was only in the initial chapters, but it was starting to feel as if the author had bitten off more than they could chew with the explored ideas and themes.

Well… I’ve finished it now.

And I immediately went in and bought the second book, The Splinter King. So I think it’s safe to say my views were turned around.

It still had its issues as a book, but ultimately, it did the job of getting me invested in the main characters and their world. The stage has been set for some coming big moves, and I’m invested in seeing how they play out.

Outside I’ve reading — I watched the Fallout TV series (loved it); and continue to watch Shogun (loving it). I think next up will be Dark Matter on Apple — not the low budget (but still good, IMO!) Space Sci-Fi, but… uh, another Sci Fi nonetheless. Goes with the name I guess.


Warning — Trailer gives away the full premise of the show.

I mean… I imagine the full reveal of the trailer is all in the pilot episode, but still. If you’d rather go in and be surprised, at least for a little longer, give the trailer a skip for now!


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Nimgimli · May 1, 2024 at 1:28 am

Did you see Constellation on Apple TV? I feel like the premise of it and Dark Matter are pretty similar, at least based on the Dark Matter trailer (haven’t watched the show yet). Maybe premise is the wrong word; I don’t want to spoil anything for other readers. Maybe hook is better? The ‘weird thing happening’ seems the same in both.

    Naithin · May 1, 2024 at 9:30 pm

    I have seen perhaps half of Constellation, and I definitely see the similarity in hook you’re referring to. I’m far enough through it that I have a fairly firm hypothesis about what has happened there, but not far enough for it to be completely confirmed.

    I ended up back burnering it a bit in light of the shows mentioned and possibly others from last month I now forget as well — but it isn’t one I’ve dropped, will definitely be back to it — and probably soon. Similar position as Beacon 34 on Prime, but only seen a couple of ep’s of that one so far!

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