Screenshot Saturday: Starfield

Probably a wholly unnecessary post given the Starfield Chronicles also going on at the moment, but hey, I made this a thing for Time to Loot over Blaugust, and there doesn’t yet seem to be a good reason to stop. So here we are!

The featured image above is New Atlantis, the first major city you’ll come to in Starfield, provided you more or less do as you’re told. It is rather stunning, and not a small bit daunting to learn to navigate when you first get there, but I think I’ve found most of what I would regularly need now.

Is that to say there are no further secrets to discover? Of course not! I bet there are whole questlines yet to be uncovered here.

Something I noticed which was somewhat interesting to me in the moment… You see that last screenshot there, with my character in the foreground of the left side?

That helmet shadow is being cast from the torch of the companion behind me. But! It’s only visible if you’re in third-person view. If you go first person, your character model no longer exists in the game and the cast shadow vanishes.

No doubt a performance-saving measure, but I think has quite an impact on the ambience as well!


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