Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

Originally, this post was scheduled for tomorrow. I wanted to provide a little more spacing between this post and the last Q&A / tag post. I am fortunate though, that I prepared the answers for this one in advance. Because the post I had planned for today1… Well, I wasn’t able to complete it before bed time.

I thought about giving it the same experimental ‘Stream of Consciousness’ treatment that I gave yesterday’s Why Write About Games post, but it didn’t seem the right treatment for the subject matter.

So! With acknowledgement of this being so close in time to the last Q&A / tag post, I shall forgo a round of nominations and question raising of my own this time around.

Without further adieu — I was nominated by Frostilyte! (Thank-you!) and you can see their nomination post and questions answered here. Frosti has had a focus on review content but is branching out into more bloggy-style stuff too. Take a look! :)


You’ve become the leader of your country for a day. You have the power to make one item illegal for purchase for the rest of time. What do you choose and why?

Cigarettes, I think.

With the amount of harm they can cause which has at this stage been beyond proven, it in many respects amazes me that they are still for sale. It absolutely irks me the amount of ‘sin tax’ the Government puts on them ostensibly as a deterrent, but really as a revenue driver.

However I leave the ‘I think’ qualifier in there as the lessons of prohibition in the States would need to be more closely considered. Would such a move in actual fact only serve to further line the pockets of those willing to deal in drugs? How would the criminalisation of something once so widely accepted even work?

In short I’m under no illusion that it would be a simple matter.

You will receive five million dollars (USD), but for the next year you will always feel like you have to use the washroom and won’t be able to tell the difference between a false alarm and the real deal. Do you take the money? Why or why not?

Absolutely take the money.

Even if we assumed the absolute worst and ‘Not be able to tell the difference’ somehow extends beyond just the physical sensations to prohibiting the use of logic and reason as well. Even if we were to assume an even worse case that the use of adult diapers was prohibited essentially rendering you homebound.

Still take the money.

One could comfortably live off the interest without eating into the principal amount in that year, even with no further income. Assuming even an incredibly modest 2.40% p/a interest rate, you would accrue $120k on the principal.

You could go on sabbatical or career break for the 12 month period and return to the work force (if you wished) the following year.

You remove the existence of an entire genre from video games | film | music | anime | television (pick one). What genre do you ax out of existence and why?

OK, I typically get frustrated by non-answers to things like this — but here goes a bit of a non-answer.

I probably wouldn’t. Just because something isn’t for me doesn’t mean I want to get rid of it. At least not within the common realm of genres anyway.

If we were to extend this into being a slightly heavier question — which I’m reasonably sure wasn’t the intent — then if it was within my power to axe out of existence any exploitative material of unwilling participants I would do it in a heartbeat.

What superpower do you want to help solve your mundane everyday problems?

Telekinesis was the first that popped into my head. But there are so many ways a super power could help with mundane every day problems. Super speed. Future sight.

I think super speed would be my ultimate pick.

Many of us would like to go back in time to give our younger selves advice. Instead of doing that, what skill would you trick yourself into thinking you had so the younger you would actively pursue learning said skill?

Oh man. I’m not sure my younger self would work like that.

But for the sake of the question, assuming he did — Super Speed. … What? ;)

More seriously, how young are we talking? If quite, then likely a musical instrument. Although drawing, painting or more generally ‘visual art’ would be quite a close second.

But then there’s also writing. Maybe I could trick younger me into thinking I’d already become a published author and get him hard at work on that?

Toilet paper roll over, under, or pine cone?

Hol’upaminnit. Frosti — I can only assume we have a breakdown in communication here somewhere.

A- A- A pine cone?

One of these suckers?

Nuh-uh. No way. Not sure why even an option. One of those is never getting anywhere near my-

You know what, let’s just all agree that we’re not savages and the paper needs to go over. ;)

If you could take credit for any invention and have everyone believe that you indeed created it, what would you choose and why?

The wheel. The confusion would be priceless.

Or fire, for much the same reason.

Plus neither of those things steals credit from people still living or with close relatives still living.

Although I suppose there is a question here in just how far that belief ran and whether it could be utilised for a greater good. Hmm. Like, could I claim credit for a life saving drug of some kind, win the patent back and ensure it isn’t priced beyond the reach of people who need it?

What is your favourite beverage with alcohol in it? If you don’t drink booze, same question sans the alcohol.

I don’t drink a great deal — but when I do go out for the odd big night, at a certain point Espresso Martini’s become a feature. ;)

You wake up in a cold sweat. What a terrible nightmare. You were surrounded by that thing you have an irrational fear of. Then you hear a noise in the looming darkness. You turn on the lights. OH NO! IT WASN’T A DREAM!? What thing, that you have an irrational fear of, is in the room with you?

Oh hell. I actually don’t know.

There are a great many things I’m uncomfortable with irrationally, but not quite sure they extend fully into the realm of ‘fear’ since I will deal with them when necessary. This includes things like spiders and large insects of which when they trespass into our domain — I’m the designated remover.

Heights? But I’ve done sky diving and have bungee jumping on my pretend-I’m-a-tourist-in-my-own-country todo list.

Otherwise I think the things I’m afraid of a perfectly rational, thank-you very much. Hah. Armed intruders, for instance.

Without looking up the answer, which of the following headlines do you think is false and why?

  • Aspen man hires stuffed owl as his defense attorney
  • Man allegedly assaults homeless man over cheeseburger
  • Woman missing, since she got lost
  • Woman allegedly assaults sandwich maker over ‘Too Many Pickles’

I could absolutely believe any of these as being a real headline. I would hope that that man in Aspen only attempted to hire a stuffed owl as his defense attorney and so I wonder if that might be the fake one.

But I’m going to go with the ‘Woman missing, since she got lost’ option as it seems grammatically at least to be the least like a headline. Also from a logical perspective they probably wouldn’t have known what happened to the woman unless she was found again.

Still. It might be real. You have to let me know Frosti, you must! :D

You’ve decided to help combat the inevitable global climate change that will kill us all by eating vegetarian once a week. What is one new meal you’re excited to prepare and consume?

*makes a face*

Although honestly, I’m probably eating vegetarian at least once a week already. But once you put a label on it like that… *makes a face again*

I would say though pan fried couscous with feta (I assume this is allowed, since not full on vegan being requested) and raisins, alongside a helping of steamed vegetables such as broccoli and carrot.

Thank-you again very much for the nomination, Frostilyte, and for the questions that I know you put a lot of thought and effort into!

Seriously though, you have to say which headline was the fake one. Or wait, were they all real? All fake? xD

Given proximity to the last round of questions I’m not going to carry this one on unless there is a particular demand for more questions — I’m happy to oblige in that case. ;)

Finding a Topic #2 & Real Neat Blog Award

The other day when I was talking about finding a topic I neglected one other means that might occasionally come your way. When you’re lucky enough to literally have a post thrust your way, essentially ready to go. My feelings about these things are a bit mixed, as much of the time they carry at least some of the marks of a chain letter.

Where I’ve landed is essentially to consider each on a case by case basis. Take a look at the rules and the flexibility they offer. The two main things I’m looking for are:

  • The rules allow for discretion around tagging other people. Anything with a hard requirement to tag x other people I’ll pass on.
  • The questions themselves — do I think they might result in somewhat interesting answers?

If the answers are good on both of those things — then it’s time to remember the community aspect of Blogging. :)

Real Neat Blog Award

Right! So the idea behind this one is to peel back the curtain a little and let readers perhaps find out a little more about the person behind the keyboard.

It follows a theme of 7’s — answer 7 questions, create 7 of your own, tag 7 people to answer your questions and carry it on. Most important to me is that this isn’t mandatory. If you don’t feel comfortable tagging people — don’t. Make it an open invite, or do less. There is no threat upon your luck or the love life should you choose to ignore it. ;)

I was just tagged by Lothari of the Games & Stories blog — a fairly brand new blog looking at critical analysis of game stories. Lothari has just recently finished up her series on the first Assassin’s Creed game, and it makes for a great read.

But you see, a little while ago I’d also been tagged by Angie over at Backlog Crusader! I’m not quite sure how I missed it, since I remember clearly reading her answers at the time. I found out now I’d been tagged in it via revisiting the post from Lothari’s link. Hah.


My Answers!

Since I’ve been tagged twice, I figure I can choose which question to answer. The rule I’ll set myself is that I can only choose between the options of the same numeral. i.e., Answer one option from ‘Question 1’, one option from ‘Question 2’ etc. Not just willy nilly any question anywhere.

That would be madness!

1. What was the origin of your most long term geeky interest?

When I was younger I used to go on holiday and stay with another family in Waihi Beach. A beautiful area with natural bushwalks, diving points and even caves. Caves where I had my first (and so far only) encounter with a wild penguin.

Waihi Beach — Cave Bay

One year when we went — something was different. There was a box that showed moving pictures. But unlike TV, these pictures were being controlled! By us! Using things called a Mouse and Keyboard.

That summer we still spent a bunch of time outside. At the beach, going eeling in nearby creeks under bridges. But come the evenings, we’d find our way around this strange device called a PC, taking turns to fail horribly in Dangerous Dave, Sneakers and other titles of the time.

I didn’t think overmuch of it at the time — I was fascinated for sure, but the days were still the more exciting parts to me. But the seed was planted, and shortly after that visit we had one of our own in the house. A state of the art 386SX, running at a whopping 33MHz with ‘Turbo’ turned on. Commander Keen, and Duke before he went 3D were my main games starting out. :)

2. Who wins — pirates of ninjas?

If we put aside for the moment the question of why they’re fighting instead of joining forces against the Samurai — and also any questions on why they might be in each other’s territory?

Image result for pirate vs ninja

Then Ninjas, hands down. Pirates just don’t the necessary discipline or training to take out even a half-decent Ninja.

3. If you were going to live forever on an isolated island and could only have access to three types of food, what would you choose?

Forever? Holy shiz. Well then, If we’re talking ‘types’ as in a category of food, then I think I’d want to make sure it offered me some degree of variety over the many, many years to come.

So! First then, Garden Vegetables — ship me off with a wide array of seeds, please. I’ll build some trellising for tomatoes, bean and pea vines. Setup areas for potatoes, pumpkins. Heaps more ideally.

Second, following a similar vein — Orchard Fruits — saplings for oranges, apples, peaches (mmm, peaches), even lemons please!

Finally — and apologies to any vegetarian friends out there who until now might’ve been happy with me — I’d like some array of edible livestock. Ideally quite a range, but if I was to narrow it down to a single type then Cows. Beef, milk and possibly cheese if I had the chance to research how to make it before leaving. Although I guess with an infinite number of years could probably eventually work it out. ;)

I was going to put a picture of a cow in here, but just couldn’t do it.

4. What language, real or fictional, would you most like to learn?

Japanese, I think.

Outside of Latin it was the language I got on the most with at school. It’s a country I’d really like to visit — and that besides, who wouldn’t like to be able to appreciate anime without subtitles? :D

(Don’t even come at me with that ‘dub’ stuff either. Urgh. My youngest recent discovered Naruto, but is watching it with the English VO. *sobs*)

5. What is your favorite blog post you’ve written and why?

Narrowing this one down to a few options wasn’t hard — picking the overall and final favourite was much more difficult. But in the end I settled with:

Changing Times, Changing Gamer

This started with a post of Pete’s talking to how over time he had found himself needing more from games to stay interested. Bhagpuss recounted a tale in a similar vein on how he learnt to appreciate games for what they were and just have fun.

It made me finally reflect on how my own preferences as a gamer had changed over time — and not always in a conscious manner. There was a certain internal discord created when elements once seen as an absolute core piece of your gamer identity are no longer what you consciously believed them to be.

It’s a topic that fascinated me, and this one even resulted in a bit of a follow-up post. I suspect there may be more in this idea well to emerge over time, too.

6. What is your biggest content creation dream?

I’m still very much in a process of discovery and learning.

I don’t yet know where the overlap on the Venn diagram of ‘topics I enjoy covering’ and ‘topics this community are interested in reading about’ lies. I’m also still experimenting with layout and visual style a fair bit.

Hell, most importantly of all?

I don’t yet know what my written voice sounds like.

I still need to find it. Do I want to include more humour? What style, if so? Many hundreds of thousands of words of experimentation and discovery lie before me til I know, I reckon.

So my biggest content creation dream, is getting there. To a place where I understand what my written voice is. Not only that, but also liking that voice. If I can get there, alongside understanding that venn diagram of content — I’ll be at the place of my dreams.

From there? Who knows. :)

7. What’s something your readers wouldn’t be able to guess about you?

Exact height and weight in one try. Ooh, or hair style! Um… … …

Seriously, I struggled with this one quite a bit.

Then I remembered a post I read and commented on today, from The Well-Red Mage on the topic of guilty pleasure games.

Short of reading that comment, it might be hard to guess that I have a goodly number of guilty-pleasure shows. I love me some trashy Supernatural-esque shows from time to time. (Currently watching Wynonna Earp on Netflix, for example.)

They don’t form the sum total of what I enjoy watching, thankfully. That would probably drive me quite insane. But when the mood strikes, sure. I’ll sit down to a round of some CW-ish show for a bit. (*Recalls Smallville* Somebodeh saaaaaaave meeeeee.)

My Questions and Nominations

First to be clear — the ‘nomination’ is up for anyone at all who cares to participate. But I’m going to specifically tag the Blaugust folk who are ‘new’ to this whole thing (and appear to be ready for guests. There are a few still blogs at the time of writing this that are in the works of getting setup and writing a first post). :)

On the flip side — no-one should feel any obligation to partake if they’d rather not, or to tag anyone in turn if they do if they’d rather not. :)

TeaCooler on the Internet
TheRoyalFamilyDating Sims on the Holodeck
Serum7sixEnjoying Overload
EverwakeEverwake’s Internet Journey
QuinWhere The Monsters Are
ezBreezyPlay Casually

If you’re not on this list, but are ready to participate when you see this, please consider yourself there! :D

Now, onto the questions:

  1. What hobbies or interests do you have that you might not regularly include on your blog?
  2. Are you learning any skills at the moment? If not, what would you like to learn?
  3. If you were invited on a one-way trip to Mars to establish a new colony, would you go?
  4. What is the one thing that you most want readers to come away from your blog with? A feeling, thought, or understanding.
  5. What excites you most about having a blog?
  6. If you could make one thing from a book, TV show or movie real, and in your possession, what would it be?
  7. They say everyone has at least one book in them — if you were to write a book, what would it be about?

Enjoy! And thank-you again to both Angie and Lothari for the lovely tag! :D

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