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Your Invite To the Moon (Play-Along) #2

Right. Well. I finished my pre-emptory replay of To the Moon. The purpose of that being to look for the best break points in the game for our play-along. But you know what? Even though my memory ended up being correct and Act 1 is roughly half the...

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Survived the First Month!

I figured I’d better take a look, as I had an inkling that the first month’s anniversary of this place would be up soon. I thought it was a bit later in the month, but nope. Today. (Good thing I looked.) Out of morbid curiosity, I also...

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Yes! Hi! Welcome. You’re likely wondering what this place is to be about. Although if you got as far as ‘Loot’–well, that was easy. It’s in the name! I hope you’re not after too much praise for that. ;) I love...

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