November is Rapidly Approaching!

And I am nowhere near ready. I just had a look at what goals I’d set myself for the month and hoo-boy. I guess I can say right now though that the finish Control goal simply isn’t happening. Not without my 3080. I had specifically set...

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Changes at Home

A week since the last post. A post in which, I took on a challenge for myself which involves attempting to post every day for the month of November. … Hm. That probably doesn’t bode well. But there are reasons beyond a simple lack of...

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Damnit… RMA Required on my RTX 3080

Taking on initial release iterations of hardware in a new generation is always a gamble. In this case, it’s a gamble I lost. After securing one of the apparently very few actually available RTX 3080 cards on launch day for my new PC build...

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Delayed

I’m trying to work out whether I’m actually surprised or not. On balance, I think I still am. I read through Kaylriene’s thoughts on announcing changes to the Covenant system with a mere 30-days to go a few days ago and I expected...

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New PC Build!

I started a new post-draft a few days ago titled, ‘In a Holding Pattern’. It was going to talk to the fact that since making the firm decision to upgrade my PC I was starting to feel that detached drift from any activities on this PC...

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The Avengers

So I’ve been playing Marvel’s Avengers. Which is not something I planned on. I have no major philosophical objections to games launching intentionally as a service. As always, the devil is in the details and for all the complaint of...

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Upgrade Time Ahoy!

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in the PC hardware arena right now. Not just the normal level of stuff either, I don’t think. Sure- it is easy enough to say that there is ALWAYS some upgrade-or-another right on the horizon and be...

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