Bleurgh. Still haven’t shaken the cold mentioned last Friday. It in fact hit my chest and became an infection. Pretty terrible timing for it, as I had to go to the Doctor’s yesterday — the first day of our lockdown. So of course they took a COVID swab as well. Even as recently as yesterday, I thought it a waste of time — if an understandable one — but now as the cases and locations of interest continues to grow, well, I can’t help but wonder. No results came through today, so perhaps tomorrow.

In the meantime, on the assumption of chest infection, Dr gave me some antibiotics. The constant violent coughing is kicking my ass though, and so we come to the title of the post. I sat down to perhaps play something, perhaps write something. Falling asleep wasn’t in the plan but 30 minutes and one sore neck later, that appeared to have been what happened.

I woke up, stood up, shook myself off for a bit, went for a wander, came back and… the same thing. Dangit!

I had been working from home for the rest of the week trying to power through it, but it has definitely caught up with me. I did take today off and will probably take tomorrow.

I played a little more of this today between naps

I did get to play a little more Returnal and even had one really good run against Phrike, the boss. I’d managed to get both the Astronaut relic (which brings you back, on the spot, once after dying) and spent the Ether required to activate one of the sentient’s respawn points, which keeps the run going after you die but does — unfortunately — reset progress on a boss fight if that happens to be where you died.

So I had a strong run, with a good weapon, and essentially three lives.

Still didn’t manage to down Phrike (I really thought I was going to!) but I managed to get to the third phase on both of my attempts on him, even the single life attempt — which gives me a lot more confidence that at least for the first two phases, I’ve learnt how to react to his move set appropriately.

Phase 3 seems to be a mix-up of both Phase 1 and 2 abilities, so if I get another strong run like the one today, I should unlock whatever Phrike hides behind him. :)

Otherwise though, I spent a fair bit of time just resting, reading, and watching the odd episode of Billions. Surprised I missed this show for so long! But it has been a good candidate for binging in bed while otherwise feeling a little sorry for myself.

The Final Fantasy XIV itch has been growing again too, but, I’d need to actually be able to stay awake in my chair for that. >.<

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Nimgimli · August 20, 2021 at 2:15 am

Here’s hoping the COVID test comes back negative and that the antibiotics do the trick for whatever non-COVID bug you have. Give your body all the sleep it wants, if you can! The games will be waiting when you’re feeling better!

    Naithin · August 20, 2021 at 7:02 am

    Indeed. :) Still trying to keep up with one post a day, but I’ve lost my posting-in-advance position and just keeping up day by day for the moment.

    Hoping to feel better over the weekend and recover that day ahead position though!

bhagpuss · August 20, 2021 at 2:39 am

Feel better soon!

One interesting thing over here that lots of people have found is that regular infections like the colds and viruses we all get from time to time have plummeted to almost nothing during the pandemic. Amazing how being scrupulous about washing our hands and not coughing and sneezing all over each other has that effect. Any idea how you would have caught whatever it is you have?

Hannah · August 22, 2021 at 9:32 am

Well err.. at least you got a little rest? xD

Hope you’re feeling better. <3

    Naithin · August 22, 2021 at 10:34 am

    Hah, thanks. Getting there, I think. This weekend certainly feels like it’s running away from me even faster than usual though!

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