Alright, not sure who let Dr Suess into the title- and also; there are no bad cats! … But I did possibly think my cat was better than your cat. Well, not yours specifically — but it just so happened that two of my friends and I ended up getting kittens within a few months of each other.

My cat, and definitely the ‘good cat’ mentioned in the title. … No bias here, no siree.

I’m not too proud to admit we sound like a bunch of overproud parents a lot of the time, talking about some new thing our kitten had done that day.

Often, these were cute things.

Sometimes, they were cat things.

A common one to both was that our kittens liked to be on top of our computers, covering as many air vents as possible. Because #warm.

Ooh, or a worse one — climbing the curtains.

Oh, or how about, climbing the curtains in order to then perch on top of the heat pump?

Apparently, this became a favourite spot for quite a while.

Meanwhile, my kitten was awesome and didn’t do any of these things. Granted — I got her a little older at 6 months old, but still.

Of course, I never actively rubbed my friends’ noses in it. That wouldn’t have been nice. But I think they got it, just by the power of my lack of complaint, you know?

I would make sympathetic noises, but really have nothing else to add to the lament-filled conversation.

When prompted… Well, I couldn’t very well lie then, could I? So I would have to say, ‘No, my Diamond doesn’t do anything like that. Very well behaved. … Must’ve been the foster family treatment.’


No more it seems.

My kitten has started doing not only cute things, but also… cat… things. Although it is a little hard to deny this is also a cute cat thing!

Just… No shame whatsoever.

The fans on top of my computer are all exhaust so… I’ll probably allow this. As long as she doesn’t start chewing cables, we can probably remain friends. ;)

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