Booooo. BOOOO. Booooooo! This one is much less fun than yesterday’s ‘Living in an MMO‘ post. And it’s going to cost me my lead in posts, too. Probably put me behind even! Boo! Hiss!

Tonight I had care of my mother, which is all good and well, but for the next couple of days, I’m going to be at a work off-site strategy and planning session. Lest I give the wrong impression entirely (what, with the ‘Booing’ and all), I am looking forward to this. It’s a great opportunity for the team and me to lift our heads out of the weeds for a little while and consider what our team’s future and product set look like.

Just between you, me, and the goldfish over there — we might even have some nifty activities to balance out the work and the play.

So, by and large, this actually is something I’m looking forward to. With COVID being a near ever-present societal companion over the last while, it is something well overdue too.1

Axe Throwing may, in fact, be one such activity we get up to.

So really, my sole complaint is that I’m likely going to fall behind in posts.

If that happens, then I’m definitely going to have to make up that lost ground this weekend. I find that getting too far behind, for too long, can really sap my drive and make the whole task seem much more akin to a mountain than a molehill. This is a lesson I learnt about myself back in the days I attempted NaNoWriMo2. Getting even just two days behind in that could (and did on more than one occasion) drive me to quit for the year. One of those years, I was ridiculously close, even, at around 43k words. The finish line was right there!

Although I suppose it’s also worth considering that a ‘day’ of NaNoWriMo was 1,666 words.

I can be way lazier briefer with blog posts. ;)

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  1. Not that we subscribe to the belief that COVID is over now, in any shape or form, but we’re comfortable enough with each other and the things we have lined up that the risk is managed to an acceptable degree.
  2. Never again! … Probably! … Almost certainly maybe, never again!


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