As predicted, I am behind in my writing schedule. This means I’m writing today for today. I’d rather be writing today for tomorrow, but I suppose it isn’t the end of the world.

The featured image above for this post is a shot taken from my phone off the balcony of the place my team and I stayed for our trip. Beautiful scenery, great weather — which was in doubt before we left — couldn’t have asked for better. We left early morning, arriving at the venue a bit before 9 am, and kicked into the work portion of the trip. It is time to review our previous 3-year strategy and refresh for the next. We took a look at our growth, the largest barriers we’d faced, assessed where we thought the market would likely head, and how we might best adapt to fit.

Honestly, it was great and provoked more than a few epiphanies for us to consider in more detail in the coming days, weeks and months.

The Beautiful Matakana region, where we stayed. Adding in the photo again so you can click through for a larger view, if so inclined.

After that, it was time for the fun! Axe throwing, archery, firing off gas-powered hand-guns and rifles — it was a blast. Not to mention the dinner and party games afterwards.

I thought I might have time for a more substantial post tonight, but it seems life has conspired to make that not so. Had to jump on a call with one of our vendors in Germany — Magi’s neck of the woods! — which meant a rather late timeslot in New Zealand to make it line up.

Tomorrow won’t be any better, as it rolls around to my night to take care of Mum again.

So perhaps Friday! If not, then the weekend. I’ve got a few in the drafts folder to hold the ideas in place, but none of them are ones I could get done in the time I have tonight.

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