I made a call not to participate in the every-day version of this year’s Blaugust Promptapalooza. I will be participating, just not every day. I still think this is the right call for me and where I’m at right now. But hoo boy!

I was not prepared. I hadn’t the foggiest the extent of the impact of seeing the flurry of activity going on around me, the array of responses to the various prompts and then by the power of my own choice be on the outside of it all.

I also noted in my July Journal talking about the Promptapalooza event that I might jump onto some of the prompts outside of my one later in the month. But so far the energy just hasn’t been there.

Nothing’s really wrong per se. Life is life. Work is work. Both track ever onward. Although I do admit some consternation about the fact that things haven’t really seemed to settle back into something resembling normal yet. Depending on where you are in the world right now — that might sound like a patently ridiculous statement. So for some context — New Zealand has been (essentially) COVID-19 free for some time now.

I mean — we certainly don’t have it as tough as these two.

There is still the odd case coming through as we bring people home who were stuck overseas but in terms of community transition, we haven’t had any. Fingers crossed it stays that way! With the number of quarantine escapees… Well; we’ll see.

In any case, the point is — it’s now been a couple of months at least since travelling into the office for work has been the norm. That is the world under which I kicked off this blog and ran it for a bit over a year.

So why is it so much more difficult now? Where has the energy gone? After work now about all I want to do at the moment is watch a show or two and fall asleep. Often simultaneously. Hah. There have certainly been patches of this in the past — but this one feels like it has been going on for a bit.

In any case, boy have I digressed from the original topic here. I’m not even sure where I intended to go with the post — but it wasn’t here!

Maybe one of the post prompts will break the spell. And if it takes a little bit of the FOMO to do it, I’ll take that in this case.


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