The time is 10:45 pm, and I still haven’t published anything for today. This is, in fact, the moment I decided to just jump into the post and see where it took me as I had no idea what to write about otherwise.

I thought I’d get a chance to play games tonight. I’m not on duty at my Mother’s tonight, nor were there any other demands on my time. Perfect opportunity!

Except… Instead, I ended up ‘napping’ shortly after I got home.

My body’s take on napping

The problem is, my body seemingly doesn’t know how to nap. Left to its own devices, I’ll awake around 2-3 hours later with sleep inertia having firmly taken root and then need to struggle myself back to wakefulness again. Try setting an alarm for something more reasonable, like 20-30m, and I’m possessed by an intense desire- no, need, every 5 or so minutes to check how much time I have left.

So, in any event, net result? No games played, and it’s late.

I have some ‘proper’ posts in draft still, but they’ll take some time to write — more time than I have. Game experience posts are quicker to write, but my well has run dry. Basically, I could deal with either one of those problems and still get a post out tonight, but both of them together has led to some flailing.

I have actually been awake for over an hour now, but nothing was forthcoming.

I even took a look at what the theme of this week is. It’s Creative Appreciation Week now, if you’re wondering too.

I toyed with the idea of throwing something together for that but ultimately decided I didn’t want to rush it.

Instead, you’re getting this post about how I didn’t have a post, born of just deciding ‘enough is enough’ and hitting the keys! Occasionally — if not mostly, actually — this will result in finding a subject to hone in on.

… Just, not tonight, it seems.

Perhaps it’s the mid-Blaugust blues kicking in?

Even at the best of times, posting every day is certainly not for me. Not a new revelation, but I think each year I do this challenge, I grow my appreciation for those who can do it, as a matter of course, that little bit more.

Now if I can just find some time to play a game or two, I’ll be refreshed and ready again, methinks. I’m super excited by the prospect of jumping into X4, so I hope I can leverage that excitement before it fades. I do still want to finish the No Man’s Sky expedition first, though! I don’t *think* that’s going to take me too much longer though.

I’m at my Mother’s again tomorrow, but then a reasonable gap of a few days after that… So… Fingers crossed. :)


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