Blaugust Day #2 — It’s a Knock Out

Blaugust Day #2 — It’s a Knock Out

Currently I’m not allowed to drive, operate heavy machinery or sign legal documents. Going on Social Media and certainly writing a blog post is probably not wise either. The somewhat amusing aspect of this, is that the draft I was preparing for today had an element of talking about planning in it.

Haaah. Planning. We don’t see eye to eye, planning and I. Not most of the time, at least. But this time I had at least a modicum of planning in place. I did! But…

I had my endoscopy appointment today. That part I knew and had accounted for. What I didn’t at all appreciate is that I would be going under general anesthesia for it. I for some reason was very much under the impression it would be local only.

I’m back home now, but still really quite groggy. The number of typos in this thing has been impressive. But I think I’m at least catching them all. (When I read this tomorrow, I am expecting for some disappointment on this front though.)

In any case. The news was… Good? But also not yet fully conclusive. My esophagus was clear of any growths or cancer indicators. That’s very good. But it also isn’t quite the end of the story yet. I’ll be back in another few weeks for a colonoscopy, and if that also fails to find the source of bleeding, to swallow a tiny capsule camera of some sort for an investigation of the small intestine as well.

These extra tests being on the cards was news to me though. I just wanted them to sort why it hurt to swallow. On that, as it turns out there is a part down there nearer the stomach end of things which is supposed to be generally closed — and isn’t. This has allowed some acid to get higher than it should and cause some scarring.

But this didn’t appear to overly worry the Dr performing the procedure today, far more worried about sorting out the source of iron supplies (ferritin) being so incredibly low. So… Yup! More stuff to go yet.

For now, I shall sign off for the day and retreat back to the sanctum of bed for a little bit.

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16 thoughts on “Blaugust Day #2 — It’s a Knock Out”

    • Thanks Quin. :)

      In terms of the grogginess today, pretty much all better again already after a bit of a sleep. It was fairly awkward timing in terms of getting any sort of proper sleep now TONIGHT, but ah well. It’s Friday. I probably would’ve been up obscenely late anyway even without this.

  1. Champion effort to type this up while you’re groggy! I’ve got everything crossed for you that they find the source of the issue.

    • Hah, thanks to having medical insurance I was able to get this done privately rather than having to wait on the public system. Side bonus of that being the food afterward was actually not terrible. It was nil by mouth for the day leading up to the procedure, so this fact was very much appreciated.

    • Thanks. :)

      In terms of today’s grogginess, feeling much better already. Now it’s just a matter of waiting out the rest of the tests to be over with.

    • Thanks. :)

      I’m going to struggle to giddyup early in the morning now, having wakon up and still being awake now at 2am. If I can’t reign myself in and hit the hay before ~3-4am I’ll probably just keep trotting on through til dawn.

    • Thanks Rakuno!

      We’ll see how it goes. I’m feeling alright for the most part, just rough waiting another few weeks (and potentially another few weeks after that, too!) to find out what’s up.

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