I’ve recently come across a content creator who has been at their business for years. Eleven of ’em, in fact. With so many content creators out there, doing their thing, creating content counts unimaginable — it should really be no surprise that at least the odd good one slips us by. And, at least now, I’ve been able to wend my way through the back catalogue as these particular pieces don’t seem to be created all that quickly.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if many of you are like, ‘Oh yeah- that guy! I know them. They’re great’.

But for those of you who may not have been in the know but have an interest in random pieces of information, well researched, ranging from things like the American Interstate numbering system and How Airport Runway Digits are Assigned through to… I dunno… How does one define the other bound of this? Perhaps… Why Hexagons are the Bestagons? The Trouble with Tumbleweed?

Look, the point is — the range of topics is pretty broad.

The creator’s name in question is CGP Grey, if you hadn’t already picked that up, and I’ve been enjoying his stuff enough lately that I really want to share! Which… I guess I’ve already done. But here are a few more of my favourites! I actually don’t recall what video tipped me off to Grey’s existence now for sure, but it might’ve been this one…

How Machines Learn

This one is a few- er, five years old now — but it’s still perhaps the best basic, explain to anyone, yet still powerful illustration of Machine Learning and Algorithm development I’ve come across. There is a brief footnote video that explains the difference between the genetic breeding model outlined in the main video, and deep learning and recursive neural networks change the picture.

Who Owns the Statue of Liberty?

I thought I knew the answer to this. I really did. … I should’ve known better.

There is something of a follow-up available to this video too, further going into the border disputes between NJ and NY.

Metric Paper

I don’t want to spoil where this one ends up, so I’ll just say — even if you already know all about the love that is metric paper sizing; take a watch. The main thing that leads me to believe this one might’ve been my first CGP Grey video is how surprised I was at where it went.

I’m no longer quite as surprised by the many and varied tangents, although the Airport one I already linked above gave it a pretty good shot. ;)

The Trouble With Tumbleweed

I know, I know — I already mentioned this one in the intro — but this one is also so good! I had no idea these things posed such a problem.

So these have probably been my favourites to date. I feel like I might soon be exhausting the well of topics covered that I want to dive into… So hopefully the YouTube algorithm will throw me something and someone else ‘random’ to dive into in the near future.

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