Five Game Challenge Day 24: Humble Choice Starts Soon

If you’ve still been sitting on the fence about Humble Choice, time to decide and lock-in the current ‘Classic’ pricing is running out. No longer a prediction — we have an actual date. December 6th Humble Choice kicks into life. So you’d want to have opted-in no later than December 5th to ensure your place, probably.

There is actually a timer on the Humble page itself (my referral link1 / standard link), and it says you can subscribe up to and including December 6th to get the current bundle. Just colour me suspicious, I suppose.

I must say — even though I’ve not struggled too greatly with sticking to my set list of games this month, to the point of only really focusing on two (well, one)… There has been a pretty interesting side effect. One that’s only really come up quite recently. As in the last two days, since the last Looking Forward post.

Basically everything that crosses my path game wise right now is looking pretty appealing. Hmm. There might be some parallels there, but I won’t draw them. ;)

In any case — the tie in to this post, is that I’m growing increasingly excited by the prospect of Humble Choice being here. And quite antsy to see exactly how it’s going to work.

With the ‘Classic’ subscription we get to ‘choose’ 10 games each month. Will there actually still be a choice, or will there only be a catalog of 10 each month and thus we get them all? The best plan that will actually be on sale after the grandfathering of the current Humble Monthly occurs gets access to 9 each month. So possibly they just need to choose to leave one on the table?

Or possible it’ll go the other way and each month it’ll be a huge catalog of options — but then with a lot of overlap month on month between the offerings?

I’m hoping for something in the middle personally, perhaps 15-20 to choose from with minimal month on month recycling.

Oh.. Hm. Actually we might have an answer to this already. I can’t spot it anywhere in the official collateral, but I just saw a YouTube video with a cover image stating Humble with ‘curate a selection of 10 games each month’. So as a Classic subscriber, it won’t really be a matter of choosing.

You’ll get them all.

… That is a good thing, right? I’m a little conflicted though! I liked the idea of putting in some choice to it all.

I digress! It’s coming soon! Looking forward to it. :)


  1. If you use this link instead of the standard link, $12 NZD is added to my Humble store wallet.


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