The holidays are here! THEY ARE HERE! The final day of work for the year ended yesterday. So far, there is been a bit of an expectation vs. reality gap. I expected to be playing games 24/7! ALL THE GAMES! Smack that backlog back down to size-! … Well; maybe not. I don’t think that my backlog will ever get ‘back down to size’ now. In fact… er, I’ve already bought an extra one.

That fact aside, you get what I mean right?

Instead, asides from a celebratory dinner out last night, it has been pretty much a day of rest. And lots of The Witcher season 2. No games yet. Perhaps the relaxation and TV part isn’t too surprising. It has been a pretty intense few months in the lead up to the corporate shutdown for Christmas so a bit of decompression first is likely in order.

But I can already tell it isn’t just that.

I’m waiting. Waiting for the games that aren’t going to come until later.

Monster Hunter Rise: Coming for PC on Jan 13th (by NZ Time)

I’m only going to get a handful of days with Rise before it’s back to work, although I’m very much looking forward to them, to say the least. Even so, waiting for them is silly! So much time between now and then! I also set myself a goal for this month to kick-off a plan to just… you know… play something. Create a small random list and let rip. Perhaps X4, or returning to finish Dark Souls: Remastered (even if I don’t continue to record and write for every single segment). Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla I’ve let sit for the past year, too. Plenty of things I could add to this, that I could play.

It gets worse though. Waiting for Rise is bad enough but that at least does come out during this holiday period — if barely.

Elden Ring: Releasing on the 25th Feb, by NZ reckoning.

I also cannot shake the insane level of anticipation for Elden Ring. It is to such a fever pitch that all else I consider seems to pale by the comparison. I’m very much aware that this level of hype only has one potential outcome: disappointment — so I am trying to rein it in. I still just have a ways to go before being successful at doing so.

I’ll get through it. Probably tomorrow even, after a good rest and the ability to jump right into something. Syp over at Biobreak just started a new Rimworld series and that most certainly got me interested enough to add Rimworld to my shortlist of games to randomly select then just ‘jump in and play’.

Also, remember at the start of the post when I said I’d already added a new game to my catalogue? That was Wildermyth. I’ve been bouncing back and forth about getting this one essentially since it came out. My main concern was how much in common I heard and saw in the stories being told between the people I listened to talking about it. Two things pushed me over the edge to a purchase though — one was Frostilyte’s post and then the cincher was in seeing a new patch drop just yesterday which adds in new items, another event, and continues to otherwise improve the game.

So perhaps soon I’ll have something to say on this one myself. I don’t know that it will hold my attention for very long in a single go — but it could well be something worth revisiting over time.

We’ll see. :)


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Nimgimli · December 19, 2021 at 3:35 am

I came here for Farm Simulator content, dang it. Where is that?

    Naithin · December 19, 2021 at 8:28 am

    Haha! Haven’t tried that one yet… Did try Powerwash Simulator. But very much did not enjoy. It was every bit as tedious as I imagined it might be without the same sort of payoff that House Flipper had.

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