You know, I’d really like to write about games tonight. Perhaps some more Final Fantasy XIV. Or finally something about my time with Monster Hunter Stories 2! But uh… That would be a little difficult. I haven’t played anything since last weekend.

This happens sometimes. Reasons myriad but with some usual suspects. A busy week of work (check), focusing on watching shows or reading instead (check), or perhaps just being unwell (as of tonight, check for this one too. Bluuurgh.)

Tonight, it’s early to bed. See if I can’t crush this cold in its tracks.

But tomorrow, regardless, it’s game time.

Absence has certainly made the heart grow fonder in this case. Which is always the case for gaming and I. Since I was a kid. Sometimes the gaps are longer, a month or even more. But always I come back, refreshed for another round, eventually.

So, no games tonight.

I suppose it’s still getting to know me week.

I don’t really share a lot of the ‘real life’ me here on the blog. I maintain a certain separation between the online persona and the real details of my life. There is still, I think, quite a stigma around gaming in the professional world so it’s safer by far to keep those barriers in place.

I can tell you though, that after quite some number of attempts over time to shift waking time to something a little earlier, I managed it for the entire week! My success with the light lamp might’ve lasted a week, but every day was quite the struggle.

Couldn’t remotely begin to tell you why anything was different this time around. I didn’t even particularly plan to make another attempt at it. But here we are! Each day, up somewhere between 5:00-6:00am without really any struggle.

Those extra hours in the morning have been wonderful, wonderful things.

I haven’t really been terribly productive in them. Maybe the odd blog post, but otherwise no major self-improvement projects or anything of the kind. Just… Time to relax and prepare mentally somewhat for the day before it kicks off.

Having picked up the cold from my youngest son though, tomorrow might be more of a challenge. I’m about to head to bed a little earlier than usual and I still don’t know yet whether I plan on still getting up at an early hour to carry the habit forward or whether I think it better to let myself have the rest if needed.

I guess will decide in the morning!

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Nimgimli · August 14, 2021 at 1:09 am

My co-worker and I (I’m in a team of 2) got a new manager last October. Since everyone is remote we’ve never met face to face, but my co-worker is a curious person so googled the new manager. Found she had a twitter account, so we have a peek at that every so often, which I admit is pretty creepy but we’re just wanting to know what kind of person our manager is and we never ‘have a chat’ so to speak.

She is not a frequent tweeter but a little bit ago she did share that she was stoked because she’d snagged a Playstation 5, which was a real surprise since I had no clue she was a gamer. So yeah, I guess folks still keep that a secret aspect of their lives.

    Naithin · August 14, 2021 at 5:30 am

    I manage a team whose ages and life experiences are fairly varied, from just over 20’s to other side of 60.

    Despite the huge variance there, this whole team gets on pretty well and I know from some of the younger ones who have talked about gaming, it’d probably be alright within this team to let the cat out of the bag as it were.

    Buut I’ve also had team members — and managers — in the not too distant past who would not have approved and once that cat is out, it’s out for good.

    So it’s just safer to leave it be!

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