Five Game Challenge – November 2020 Event

‘Event’ might be a little grandiose. It might just be me. But! I would at least like to try and extend the offer for others like yourself to join, should you be so inclined.

“Join what?

Well, there’s two key parts and you’re welcome to join both. Or either. Although trying to do only the second part without the first might be a little awkward. Hmm. Perhaps I should explain.

  • Part 1: Put yourself into the hypothetical situation of being made to choose just five games to last you an entire year of gaming (and post what they are!)

    Last year the responses ran the gamut for near as much horror at the concept as me, through to those who would struggle to pick more than a couple of titles, rendering this perhaps not so much of a ‘challenge’ for them after all.

    This year when reviewing my picks, I only ended up changing out one title. I had picked The Elder Scrolls Online due to how much yet-to-be-visited content there I still had. This year we have Shadowlands arriving for WoW, giving it a much needed shot in the arm and powering this above ESO or even FFXIV in my list.
  • Part 2: Put your game list to the test — not for a whole year though, don’t worry! Just a month. The month of November specifically. Optionally: Post every day of the experience (although the posts need not directly relate to what you’re playing!)

The tricky part here isn’t really the limitation on the number of games. Even for me — five ended up being plenty. Heck, of my five picks last year I only played two of them over the course of November. Warframe and Skyrim took up 100% of my gaming time that month.

If you picked just for the context of the next month, that’s relatively easy. Even for the extremest of game-hoppers like myself.

No, the challenge is in thinking seriously about what you would pick if you truly did have to enforce those picks for a whole year. And then playing those and only those for the month.

I’m going to give it another go this year, and see how I get on. I’m also going to try for the post-a-day cadence I had for last year’s iteration of this challenge. It might just be the shot in the arm I need. :)

If you’re keen to join too, awesome!

No formal sign-up process or anything — just jump on board and post away. There are some ‘rules’ to selecting your five games here if you’re interested, but really if you keep the spirit of selecting on the basis of lasting you an entire year and not just to make November easier — you’re on a close enough track for me. :)


Gamer, reader, writer, husband and father of two boys. Former WoW and Gaming blogger, making a return to the fold to share my love of all things looty.

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