Alright, true — this post is about 6 days late. But until yesterday I wasn’t remotely interested in setting regular monthly gaming goals for myself. As a means of unwinding and relaxation, who needs that?

But I’m not opposed to the odd challenge. I mean… Yeah. *Points at title*

I’m not going to consider this a regular thing yet. For now, it’s just an experiment. Here’s my thinking though:

  • Limiting my set of games as specifically as this challenge does isn’t sustainable over the long term.
  • But I do want to follow Krikket’s principle of ‘Play to Satisfaction‘ and feel like I’ve extracted value from my games up until that point.
  • Providing some loose goals may offer some guidance toward achieving that end without the tightly restrictive challenge mode I’ve activated for November.

Not that five games in the context of just one month is really all that restrictive. At this early point of the challenge, I was wondering whether I might be able to do it on just two.

The two ‘functions’ needing to be served being:

  • Multiplayer with friends: Warframe
  • Singleplayer for alone time: Skyrim: Special Edition

More generally, the ‘Singleplayer’ title could in fact be an MMO or other multiplayer enabled title. In fact depending on what specifically was chosen for the Multiplayer function — it could just be that, making it only a single for the month.

This month that wouldn’t work though. I don’t particularly enjoy Warframe alone. Though I have done a little to get things done I wouldn’t want to drag my friends along for. e.g., I finally got around to doing the fishing necessary to earn the Fish Oil required to craft my Archwing Launcher. Now that those aren’t a consumable item and persist through use, I figured it would be worthwhile to make one.

Especially if we’re going to do more Eidolon Hunts. :)

In any case, I digress! I’m not going to cut down my five games to two for the month. I feel that is a decision I’d quite likely come to regret in the second half of the month.

However, I’m only going to set goals for those two games and see where that leads me.

November Goals

I’m going to start off fairly easy. At least, I think I will be. Particularly for Warframe I’m out of touch enough that I don’t know precisely how difficult certain things are. And perhaps ‘difficult’ isn’t even the right word — I mean time consuming.

Especially while maintaining a daily post schedule, my only real gaming time is the weekends.

So! I’ll start out erring on the side of ‘easy’ and see how it goes. If I somehow end up blowing through all these goals in a single weekend — I’ll revise upwards in a subsequent post. :)


  • Gain Mastery Rank 13+
    Which will mean obtaining new ‘something’ to rank up. I have no primary or secondary weapons that I haven’t already maxed once. I might have a frame or two still, but that won’t be enough.
    I’ll leave it open as to what exactly I obtain or level for this purpose, except:
  • Finish my Helios Prime companion
    I have just one more component to get before I can start building it. The Helios Prime Cerebrum. I don’t know if this is currently in vaulted or available relics. If the former, I may end up buying this component on the Warframe Market from another player. We’ll see.

Skyrim: Special Edition

Finally venturing forth from Whiterun. True — not in the direction of the main quest… But it was at least for a quest.
  • Complete the main story up until the point of meeting Paarthurnax
    That is the farthest I’ve ever been in the main story of Skyrim, I believe. I may have done a little of his story — but I certainly never resolved it let alone the entirety of Skyrim’s Main Story.

    I figure getting this far is going to require some focus and keep me from wandering off the beaten path just at random too often.

That’s it. Just three. Although I’m entirely uncertain how much of a time commitment this is, for either game.

I’m not going to push myself in the sense of trying to create more time than I have for gaming. But I will give them an honest shot within the time I have. Or at the least — that is certainly the intent.

We’ll see how it goes and whether ultimately they invoke positive or negative feelings!


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Magimos · November 6, 2019 at 3:57 am

Btw, a good way to level your frames and weapons is by doing the Sanctuary stuff at Cephalon Simaris’ place, I’ve heard. I still gotta get to M5 or M6, iirc, but then again I’m not playing enough right now.. Maybe I’ll play more once the new update drops :)

    Naithin · November 6, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    Yeah, that is a pretty good way. I also like the defence mission on Sedna, or if starting from a complete fresh set there is another defence mission on Saturn really good for leveling gear. :)

    My problem first though will be to source more gear TO level. Other than the Helios Prime, I’ve left it pretty open as to what I chase next though. Might finally build a Wukong now that they’ve been reworked for example.

      Magimos · November 6, 2019 at 6:47 pm

      You could also level some doggos :)

everwake · November 6, 2019 at 5:22 am

I’m looking forward to reading about your play through of Skyrim. I usually try to play it once a year in the winter but I suspect I won’t have time this year.

    Naithin · November 6, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    Hopefully you’ll be able to eke it in, but if not — hopefully instead can live a little vicariously through the write-ups. :)

    I am struggling to get as much playtime as I would like though over the workweek while also maintaining daily posts. I haven’t played anything since Sunday. But then the weekend can often provide more gaming content than I can post about within it, so it does spread a wee bit at least. :)

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