Sticking to the five games for November is going to be tough this year. Tougher than last year, by a long shot, I reckon. It was the very last day of October that I discovered the actual cause for my new PC build’s instability and resolved it. I managed to launch and play some Watch Dogs: Legion that evening, testing out this newfound power, and then the day after it was time to write up the journal for October and put many of the new shiny toys aside.

However, what I found myself pining for yesterday wasn’t necessarily what you might expect. Certainly, I could go with some more WD: Legion. It seemed pretty enjoyable as far as I got with it. But no, while pottering around in WoW, jumping between alts — it was Final Fantasy XIV that came to mind.

Last time I was playing, I took a small detour from ‘The Horrible Hundred’. It had been announced that the then, still quite distant, 5.3 patch would bring a streamlining of the MSQ and in particular the story quests required between expansion packs.

That patch actually landed some time ago now, but I never stepped back in to work out: Is it still horrible? How much less than a hundred quests is it?

Questions I’ve had literal months to answer for myself. But nope. Apparently yesterday was the day that the desire to do so would rise.

*shakes fist*

In any case, I’ve held strong for… Well; you know. A day. It resulted in playing less yesterday than I perhaps would have on a weekend day though I think. Although it is hard to be sure that is the sole cause, as I was also just incredibly tired in general but caught in that mindstate where I didn’t want to nap or rest because it would waste what little time was remaining. But then also lacked the energy to actually do much of anything… >.<

I’m not sure what my plan for the month looks like yet. I’m certain this won’t be the last siren call attempting to drive me off the Challenge’s path. But I think jumping back into RimWorld with a new settlement with the mods I setup last month essentially for this month is likely on the cards.

And if I can find some more energy — I had a pretty good sleep last night! — then Warframe is likely to make a strong return too. I’m not currently feeling WoW very strongly but my hope is that this will change once Shadowlands itself launches. Or if I’m lucky, perhaps even the event pre-Shadowlands. :)


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