A bit late, but Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and Happy New Year as well!

I’ve been sitting on this post for a couple of weeks now, after discovering (possibly re-discovering?) that Granblue Fantasy Relink is very soon to be a thing.

…eeeeeeeEEEEEEE! …Eee! OK… OK… Control. I’ll come back to that, and a few other games of interest besides. But over the last few of these, it has become something of a tradition to look back at the previous one and see how I, and the games I was hyped for, went.

For once, I didn’t wait a whole year, so the last Coming Games of Interest was from Blaugust, and had titles running through to end of October. Which seems about right, I didn’t really buy anything (outside of the Humble Choice bundle) until the Christmas sale… Oh, except for Alan Wake 2! But that one took even me by surprise.

Remnant 2 came out on the expected release date of July 26th, with no delays. (Wow) Although as you may or may not have noticed, it has only just as I write this post, made it to my ‘Currently Playing’ sidebar.

It took the Christmas sale to convince some of my friends to pick it up, but boy are they now glad we did. So far, it is everything I hoped for from a Remnant: From the Ashes sequel, although I suppose I should caveat that with the warning I’m not yet finished. I have about 17 or so hours in the game so far.

Baldur’s Gate 3 also had its 1.0 launch on the expected date, 4th August, but… Er. Despite good intentions, I um, didn’t get around to it. I played a little and enjoyed what I did play though. So now I’m trying to figure out what would’ve sidetracked me… *goes to check* Oh. Er. OK, so August itself was a month of minimal play time anyway, then September was the cruise… And also Starfield.

Armored Core VI came out at the end of August, but was again disrupted by the cruise. I kept meaning to come back to it though, and just never quite did. I wouldn’t put that as a failing of the game though, as let me tell you — once the controls start to click, and muscle memory begins to form, the experience is pretty top-notch.

Then, as mentioned already, there was Starfield. After multiple delays, it did eventually come out on September 6th. I concluded my thoughts on the game by saying that I wasn’t disappointed with the experience as a whole, but I think in the time since, I’ve started to change my mind and lean more in the direction of being disappointed after all. When I cast my mind back to Starfield now, for memories… There are very few highlights, and none of them were as a result of exploring off the beaten path. Hopefully, the ‘modders will fix it’, given a few more years.

Payday 3 I didn’t play beyond the beta and never picked it up. But looking back, this isn’t too surprising. I possessed no personal hype for it, it was just a ‘play with the group’ game. It met with fairly lukewarm player sentiment though, so probably not a bad thing to skip it for now. After a few more patches? Perhaps worth another look.

Cities: Skylines 2 came out when it was meant to (for PC at least, consoles did get a delay). But… It really shouldn’t have.

To be fair, as I predicted, Colossal Order did manage to patch the game into a state where I would’ve been happy to see it released before they took their Christmas break. But it is by no means flawless yet. On the one hand, I can take an almost zen-like attitude to this. Secure in the knowledge that Cities: Skylines 2 is going to be a long-life game, with many years to come where it will be amazing to play. The foundation is solid. But on the other hand… What a pack of absolute a-holes to have launched it in the state they did. *grumble*

I had quite a few on my list last time, I suspect this time the list will be a fair bit shorter. But let’s see!

Coming Games of Interest — Early 2024

GameRelease DateGame Function
Granblue Fantasy: Relink1 February 2024Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Dragon’s Dogma 222 March 2024Singleplayer

And… Er. That might be it. I’m interested in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for sure, but the fact we won’t be able to continue character progress from the first entry certainly puts a damper on things. I’m almost certain I’ll get over it by the time it’s here, buuuuut… I also might just wait for the PC release, too.

Anyway, to the games!

Granblue Fantasy: Relink — 1 February 2024

A couple of weeks or so ago, I had no clue that the Granblue franchise even existed. I may perhaps have heard the name in passing, but that’s about it. Turns out, Relink was announced back in 2018 or so. And before that, there was a wildly successful mobile gacha gam- no wait, come back!

This one has no gacha mechanics, they’ve just taken the lore and characters of that world, as they have done previously it seems, with a couple of fighting games. Another genre, while perhaps not with the same vehemence, I tend to avoid.

Relink though…! Relink when I first saw it reminded me a lot of the ‘Tales of’ games, Tales of Arise in particular, which was my game of the year in 2021, when it came out. That alone was enough to perk my interest. But where it went from ‘interest perked’ to ‘I must have this immediately’ was the discovery Relink will include multiplayer.

Multiplayer in the style of Monster Hunter. Complete with player lobbies to which you can post quests, or join on other people’s quests. All set within the trappings of a JARPG, with a large number of characters each with their own styles and skills. I think we’re now at 19 confirmed for launch, with two more coming in an April update.

I could see myself potentially spending a lot of time in this game, and frankly, I cannot wait.

I’ll no doubt take some time to go into this one in more detail soon.

Oh!! How could I forget to mention — there is a demo coming at some point in January as well, although only for PlayStation and the date is still not confirmed. The full game is coming to PC though, and is where I’ll be buying it, but I’ll stick my nose into the demo anyway for an early first-hand peek. :)

Dragon’s Dogma 2 — 22 March 2024

Relative to Granblue Relink, I feel like I have very little to say about Dragon’s Dogma 2. It has been a long, long, long, wait. And it has no doubt been worse for those that played the original Dragon’s Dogma right at launch. I didn’t, as I only really discovered the game… er… in early 2017 according to my achievements.

Dragon’s Dogma really felt like a wonderfully complete package though, where each element was strong enough that when combined together they formed something incredible. An action combat system which let you climb over the backs of your enemies, and mix classes into entirely new ones, while having an open world which eschewed the idea of levelled lists and scaling, quite content instead to smack you upside the head should you venture somewhere unwisely. Nighttime could make the world a terrible place to be as well. And then your pawn! A customisable NPC side-kick that you could train with quest knowledge and then send it off into the ether to help out other players on its own.

I’m probably doing a very poor job of selling it to you if you’re not already aware of what Dragon’s Dogma is, but I suspect it holds up fairly well even today and would be well worth a play if you have any interest in the sequel.


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Nimgimli · December 29, 2023 at 5:38 pm

I’m excited for Dragon’s Dogma 2 as well, though I SO rarely buy new games these days that I probably won’t play it until 2025 or so. I can’t think of too much else I’m excited for that actually has a release date, but that’s kind of by design. I’ve hardened myself to hype, it seems.

Y’know what’s really weird? Starting to wonder if titles will come out while I am still capable of gaming. Like Elder Scrolls 6 will come out when? 2030? I’ll be 70 by then. Will I still be gaming? Probably I will but by that age there’re things like arthritis or something that could take gaming off the table! If there’s an Elder Scrolls 7 tho… sheesh I could easily be dead by the time it comes out.

How’s that for positive thinking!!! LOL

    Naithin · December 29, 2023 at 5:44 pm

    Dragon’s Dogma 2 has such an incredibly high asking price, even for the base edition, that being a ‘patient gamer’ on that one is probably a good call.

    If Granblue still has its grip on me when it comes out, that might even be an avenue I take as well, but guess we’ll see!

    In terms of ES6 and aging… Yeah. If ES7 eventuates before I hit retirement myself, it will be doing well — and that’s still 25ish years away (not factoring in any increase in retirement age that happens between now and then, hah).

    Gaming and aging is something that has been on my mind a bit too, although I would hazard a guess without quite the same pressing concern as it may have for you!

    At this stage, I can still see it largely as a positive and look forward to my retired years; but definitely already seen some shifts in my preferences over the years.

    Less of a preference for PvP has been a big one for sure!

DaNamesX · December 30, 2023 at 6:18 am

I have no idea what Granblue is about, but now I’m excited for it as well! I have the fighting game that came out on PS4 so I guess I should play that now.

    Naithin · December 30, 2023 at 9:22 am

    Haha, fighting games are very much not my thing. My skill level caps out at frantic button mashing, blaming the game for anything bad that happens while simultaneously shouting out ‘Yeah!’ like I’m some kind of fighting-game-god should I accidentally pull off something cool. xD

    So I’ll probably continue to skip on both the original gacha game (I have since learned it has >30m players though, holy moly) and the fighting game…

    …But Relink! Can we has nao? :D

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