Urggghgghghggghhhhh. And other such drawn-out noises. I’ve been a bit sick of late. Nothing critical or serious — just Bronchitis. But it has drawn on long enough that I’m just really done with it. It’s hard to complain too much given the pandemic still rages on in the rest of the world, I know. Even so — this thing has been quite an energy vampire and is why I haven’t posted in over a week.

I’ve still been gaming a little, but mostly pottering around with low effort activities when I can’t rest or read any more.

World of Warcraft

I’ve had to skip some raid nights, just didn’t have the energy for it through the coughing and difficulty breathing — but I started down the path of switching back to Venthyr and locking in a return to Frost.

I’ve been playing as frost anyway, even with Night Fae as my covenant but the loss of a useful covenant ability is something I’ve felt throughout. Still- It was a great way to trial the return and make sure I wasn’t going to be bringing down the raid DPS too much by going back. Which, thankfully, I’m now sure won’t be the case!

I’ll do another post on switching back to a prior covenant soon, to go along with the initial change of covenant post — but I haven’t quite done it yet. I’ve completed the two necessary weeklies, but haven’t quite hit the final commit button. Primarily because my current helm is from the Night Fae covenant set and I don’t have a replacement for it!

Black Desert Online

Since the last check-in, I’ve mostly been wandering the desert attempting to map out as much of it as possible. I’ve by no means completed the task, but I’ve crossed it’s length west to east and found the far shores of the ocean there and the people who live upon it.

I’ve found the great desert city of Valenica itself. I’ve uncovered the secrets of the seemingly abandoned Valencia Castle outside the town.

And I’ve found the hiding spots of many of our enemies, lining the north and south edges of the desert.

Still, there is much more of the campaign to go before I can start heading to the cooler climes, further west with the Fae.

But! That’ll have to be after I’m better and also after the data server migration. That kicks off tomorrow (Feb 24th, 0900 UTC) and has a downtime window of almost two days from what I can tell. (Resumption of service under Pearl Abyss seems to be Feb 25th, 2200 UTC.)


Well, there’s really not too much to warrant the plural there in ‘Others’. The only other thing I’ve touched over the past several weeks really has been Dyson Sphere Program.

Some weeks ago, I promised Magi a guest post review or impressions piece. Dyson Sphere Program was the title I picked and I’m glad I did. I had a lot of fun with it.

That post is now written, I managed to get it done last weekend despite not feeling too great. So it should be up on Magi’s blog before too much longer I would imagine. :)

In the meantime, here’s a spoiler: DSP is a lot of fun! An easy recommend and particularly good if the Factorio-like genre has been of interest to you but you hadn’t yet managed to dive in.


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