I’m trying to work out whether I’m actually surprised or not. On balance, I think I still am. I read through Kaylriene’s thoughts on announcing changes to the Covenant system with a mere 30-days to go a few days ago and I expected launch would simply bull-ahead. We’re far removed from the days where Blizzard was known as the company that released when it was ‘Done’ and not a moment before.

But here we are!

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While I absolutely know people are going to get up in arms about this, so far the responses have been largely positive of Blizzard taking the required time.

As for myself — I think it overall a good call. It’s just a matter of working out what to do with my annual leave from work now… I kind of want to take it regardless, but that is a bit of a gamble. If it ends up releasing before the Christmas holidays, I won’t be able to take more leave.

But on the other hand, for us here in New Zealand, launch week has a public holiday on the Monday (Labour Day) — so being able to get 9 consecutive days off for the price of 4 is pretty appealing.

Hmm. Decisions.

At this point if I had to guess I’d say a late November launch for Shadowlands is likely, if they keep to the stated intent of still launching this year. We’ll see though, I suppose!


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Telwyn · October 2, 2020 at 11:04 pm

I’m pleasantly surprised, I believe Blizzard used to be the “stand out from the crowd” developer for “releasing when it’s ready”. It hasn’t felt like they’ve done that for a long while (Activision influence or otherwise), so it is interesting to see them willing to put this on hold. There must have been a lot of arguments to get the green light on such a high profile release being delayed. Here’s hoping they allow enough time to actually change course on some of the big design issues…

    Naithin · October 3, 2020 at 11:00 am

    Aye, I cannot even imagine the difficulty of the conversations required up the chain to get the necessary approval to knock back the release date. Someone — possibly many someones — in this chain would’ve had an absolute earfull on this.

    In any case, I’m with you in thinking this is a good idea. I suppose my worry will be that they still aren’t granted enough time, especially given their insistence that they will still be launching this calendar year. So we might end up with having had the delay, annoying people who legitimately have a hard time getting leave from their work, and then STILL having a less than ideal launch of the system.

    Guess we’ll see though, and I think I’m looking forward to jumping back in regardless at this point! :)

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