I got to play game again last night and this morning! My goodness weekends are glorious.

When I was first getting back into the swing of things with Warfame, it was enough just to be relearning the how. Resurfacing some of the ol’ muscle memory. The what was a far distant secondary concern.

After last nights session, I figured I had recovered enough of my abilities in the game to start looking at whats and whys. I knew I wanted a Helios Prime completed already. The Relics for this are vaulted now (meaning they don’t currently drop from anything), but I still had a store left over from when I was playing earlier.

So! I had a purpose. I needed more Void Traces to refine the relics. Refining the relics pushes their loot drop probabilities higher into the rarer ranges. Easy peasy.

I had bunches of relics left over to take in unrefined and yet still be useful to the groups I was playing with, in order to also gain more Void Traces. I did that a while, and then ranked up my relics with that could possibly drop my one missing Helios Prime piece.

Bugger didn’t drop! xD

So it looks like I’ll be buying it from another player on the Warframe Market after all.

But no matter. This was just one thing to chase. The others I’m in the process of researching. What other frames might I want to hunt down? Mailvaltar really liked Octavia, and his description certainly has me intrigued.

Then there are what guns, mods and melee weapons to chase after, too. My goal for the month was to raise another mastery rank. Progress on that front has been slow, which is perhaps not too surprising really given… You know, I didn’t really get to play this week. But that aside, even since I have been playing I’ve been working more on further empowering weapons I already have rather than leveling brand new ones to contribute to the Mastery Rank.

The other thing I might chase down is access to Arbitration missions. A brand new type of high-difficulty mission added in a recent-ish update. They require that you complete every single node on the system map though. That’s over 220 odd. I have done perhaps 170 odd. So, still a good number there. >.<

The problem being — most of the ones I’ve avoided are Archwing missions. *groan* There is some speculation that the Railjack update (Multi-crew spaceships!) might replace the ‘standard’ Archwing missions. If that’s true, I’d rather wait. But it is only speculation… so I might not.

Guess we’ll see! ;D


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Magimos · November 10, 2019 at 3:06 am

As for weapons, there’s the Ignis, a flamethrower, that is insanely stupid and fun to play with :D It just melts through the enemy rows! I’d recommend building that one and levelling it later. I’m currently levelling Limbo, Mag, my doggo and the Guardian-thingy that I have while also trying to get my hands on Trinity, Necros or Whisp. :)

    Naithin · November 10, 2019 at 3:26 am

    Yarr, I have a 7-forma Ignis Wraith which is one of my favourite weapons. The Amprex isn’t far behind though, just went through it’s 5th forma earlier today. The problem is just finding raw, new stuff, that will actually count toward Mastery Rank XP.

    I did end up cheating a wee bit today though — picked up the Atlas Prime pack, which has a new companion, melee weapon and frame to level which will all count.

    In terms of things to play toward though, I think I am going to go for Octavia. Maybe Ember too — I had most parts for Ember already, but just never finished the farm last time around. :)

      Magimos · November 10, 2019 at 3:37 am

      Ember is a lot of fun! Mag too, tho. :) oooh #writingprompt :D

Mailvaltar · November 13, 2019 at 10:45 pm

For me another great part of farming Octavia was doing lots of missions on Lua, which I hadn’t done up to that point. Damn, some of those puzzles are hard, but really fun.

@Magimos – Personally I don’t like Mag all that much, but it’s entirely possible that I just don’t ‘get’ how to play her.

    Naithin · November 14, 2019 at 12:30 am

    Those Lua maps… xD To be sure, some of them really had me scratching my head. And the Co-op puzzles for the drift mods were very cool, too!

    Re: Mag, have you tried her since the rework?

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