No! It’s that I finally took a screenshot of flying over the Plains of Eidolon! :D I was there to unlock a weapon Riven — the challenge I had was to destroy three of the flying craft in the area, and then also kill the pilots before they hit the ground. >.<

So far as Rivens go though, that one actually wasn’t too difficult. I had another one I unlocked over the weekend which required me to get 18 kills without breaking contact with a wall. I was allowed to wall-jump it or latch on. Latching of course being the clear winner from an ease point of view. Until you consider that wall-latching has quite a limited duration.

I did it though, but not on the first mission I tried. I first assumed a low level Survival would be the way to go, but the monster density just wasn’t there. But! After jumping to a Survival mission on a later-Planet, problem solved.

Sadly, neither Riven revealed itself to be for a weapon-type I especially wanted. If I managed to get a Riven for the Ignis Wraith or Amprex just… :o …I would be in heaven.

In other news though?

Completed my Warframe November Goals

Helios Prime! Up there, my guardian in the sky over my otherwise fairly blurred frame in that image. Might’ve been in the middle of a dodge-roll? xD
  • Gain Mastery Rank 13+
    Which will mean obtaining new ‘something’ to rank up. I have no primary or secondary weapons that I haven’t already maxed once. I might have a frame or two still, but that won’t be enough.
    I’ll leave it open as to what exactly I obtain or level for this purpose, except:
  • Finish my Helios Prime companion
    I have just one more component to get before I can start building it. The Helios Prime Cerebrum. I don’t know if this is currently in vaulted or available relics. If the former, I may end up buying this component on the Warframe Market from another player. We’ll see.

At the start of the weekend, I was actually a bit worried about the Mastery Rank 13 goal. It seemed to be going incredibly slowly, working with just the frames I had.

But then I found there had been some new additions to the market place! Just MK1 (i.e., starter grade) weapons, but they can be purchased with in-game credits alone. I managed to get a secondary weapon and a melee weapon slot from credits to rank up, alongside the frames I was doing.

Then Saturday evening, bing!

And it was one of the easy Mastery Rank tests as well, fortunately. Some of the more difficult types might’ve handed my behind to me at the moment.

If you’re unfamiliar, you get three attempts at a Mastery Rank test. If you fail three tries, you’re locked out from trying again for a while (24 hours, I think).

Off-setting that potential annoyance though, you do have an ingame opportunity to ‘practice’ it though by heading to Cephalon Simaris and entering a simulation… er… of the simulation.

Now, I also mentioned if I blew through all goals in a single weekend — I’d revise upwards accordingly. I haven’t met my Skyrim goal, true, but I am going to set a couple more for Warframe even so.

New Warframe Goals for November!

Well it won’t be, ‘Finish the Inaros quest’ because I’ve done that, too! (Should finish building tomorrow!)
  • Gain Mastery Rank 14+
    I considered going more ambitious with this and setting a 15+ minimum. But I’m back in a similar position to where I was when I set the 13+ goal — that is, with very little new gear to earn mastery through. This isn’t to say 15+ isn’t possible, but since I still have my Skyrim goal too — I’m not going to push it.
  • Build the Gara Warframe
    I’m close to Gara. Very close. I need one more component blueprint — for her Neuroptics. Get that, and I can build her! Gara’s components come from Bounties on the Plains of Eidolon. Just a matter of hitting the right level range. :)

Tempted to add something else. But I’ll leave it there for now. :)


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Mailvaltar · November 13, 2019 at 10:49 pm

I don’t know if that has been changed at some point, but since I’ve been playing you only get one shot at a mastery test before being locked out for 24 hours.

That stupid rank 9 test took me almost a week to beat.

    Naithin · November 14, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Oh really? I’ll have to look into that. I passed mine first try this time, but I have certainly been locked out in the past. Lol.

    Was 9 the stealth kill one?

      Mailvaltar · November 15, 2019 at 11:15 pm

      Yep, that’s the one.

      In theory it shouldn’t be too hard, and I can see why beating it on the first try is absolutely possible. It just seems to be so very random if they can see you or not from different angles or distances that watching their movement patterns and then taking the ‘perfect’ approach doesn’t seem to be doable.

Magi · November 14, 2019 at 1:50 am

Nowadays you get only one attempt before being locked out of it for 24 hours. The other day I did the hacking-one and messed it up on the last one as I clicked once too much! So, I crafted up some of those hacking-tools and just used them all in that mastery test… kind of an exploit, I guess?
But all is well that ends well, right?

    Naithin · November 14, 2019 at 8:03 am

    Haha, I remember the hacking one.

    I did it OK! I was good at hacking back then… But I don’t think I could pass it without ciphers now.

    There are certainly some obstacles that can be made much easier in the game with smart warframe or gearing choices, and I think that’s pretty cool actually that they allow it!

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