Transport Fever 2

Where to even begin with this one? If I hadn’t set myself the goal of writing an impressions post for it this month, I almost certainly would have just let it sail off into the great goodnight without comment. I mean… You know. It looks nice, I suppose. It is hard to deny that the graphics engine has been the subject of much love since its 2016 predecessor.

But unfortunately, that’s just about as far as the upgrades go.

Just about. There are a few. The ability to customise your depots with modular addons is fun. You can even mix and match cargo and passenger terminals into single depots which creates additional linking possibilities.

The terrain manipulation tools are also much nicer, allowing you to sculpt the coastline of your dreams which is neato I guess.

But that aside?

You may as well just be playing Transport Fever 1. Don’t get me wrong — that isn’t meant as a complete condemnation. Transport Fever 1 was fantastic. But if you already own Transport Fever 1, it makes the upgrade proposition much more difficult to justify. And frankly, disappointing.

My first Bus passenger, woo.

So if you already own Transport Fever — you can be happy with that. From a gameplay perspective, you’re not missing much of anything. Though if the graphical upgrades appeal, at least wait for a sale.


If you’re coming to the series brand new, given the frankly tiny price difference between Transport Fever and Transport Fever 2 — jump in on the new one. Unless you’re willing to wait for a sale. Then know that Transport Fever 1 has had some pretty deep discounting in previous sales.

So with all this, I ended up refunding my purchase.

I just wasn’t ready for more of the same yet. Especially since I wasn’t prepared for it to be the same again. I had steered clear of the feature discussion trailers trying to go in as cold as possible, welcoming the surprise.


Ah well.

Choo choo!

I’m sure I’ll be back to this one day.


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