Your Invite To the Moon (Play-Along) #2

Right. Well. I finished my pre-emptory replay of To the Moon. The purpose of that being to look for the best break points in the game for our play-along. But you know what? Even though my memory ended up being correct and Act 1 is roughly half the game — still simplest is best.

The game has Act breaks — we may as well use them!

There were any number of things that lead me to this conclusion, but one of the biggest being that since we’re going to be discussing spoilers for the game it pays to be very clear which sections are going to be under discussion. And there is nothing clearer for this purpose than just using the Act labels, instead of event descriptors which may themselves be somewhat spoilery.

So here’s the schedule I’m recommending:

Played PartPlay FromQuestions UpPublish Posts From
Act 1Saturday 30th MayMonday 1st JuneFriday 5th June
Act 2Saturday 6th JuneMonday 8th JuneFriday 12th June
Act 3Saturday 13th JuneMonday 15th JuneFriday 19th June
SigCorp – Minisodes 1 & 2Saturday 20th JuneMonday 22nd JuneFriday 26th June
Act 1 ~2 hours — feel free to start playing earlier if you feel the need. The remaining segments (including the two mini-episodes together) should be ~40m-1hr of play.

A few notes on that schedule, since it is a bit different than what I was first imagining.

  • The ‘Play From’ date in particular is very much just a recommendation. Especially with Act 1 being longer than the others (weighing in ~2 hours in length) feel free to start playing earlier (like now) if you like.
  • In line with that, the ‘Questions Up’ date is the latest I will get the questions up. I’ll throw up a Play-Along page soon, similar to the Succession Games page, in which I’ll have links for each Act through to the questions.
  • Of these, the date I’d most firmly suggest we keep to is the ‘Publish Posts From’ — at least from the perspective of not going too early. We have a fairly high number of people who will be playing To the Moon for the first time in this Play-Along, so if we can give them some confidence that spoilers won’t show up in their feeds left right and centre before then, I can imagine it would be appreciated.

    If you’re running late though, that is no problem at all. Run to your own time as life and desire allows you on that side of things. :)

Let me know what you think about this as a plan, and if you feel strongly about any element being changed — let me know that too!

Otherwise here are the interested parties that are likely to be joining us in this journey… :)


(In order of commenting on the original post — largely so I don’t miss anyone.)

Cannot wait to get started with you all and see what everyone thinks and predicts!

Not too late to join though — heck, it basically won’t ever be too late. You can always jump in on the game and questions even after we’re all done if you wanted to. Open invite to all! :)


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