Screenshotless Saturday

Don’t worry, this is way different to a Shirtless Saturday, primarily in that all shirts will remain firmly in place. At least until shower time rolls around, but you’re not invited to that. Not mine anyway, you’re welcome to your own one. Encouraged, even. Not that there’s anything wrong with how you are now, probably, but-!

You know what?

I’m going to quit before I get too much further behind.

Now, the general idea of a Screenshot Saturday is just to… you know… post some screenshots. Generally, these make for a pretty easy post, and dangit, you deserve a break from the heavy lifting of putting words to the page every so often!

Paeroka does this fairly regularly. See? She is on vacation at the moment, so posted some older screenshots this time around. (Man I miss Vanguard. Like Bhagpuss called out in the comments, there is an emulator around for it. I’ve just been holding for more substantial development, I guess.)

I’m not on vacation, but I too find myself lacking screenshots from what I’ve been playing (Division 2) lately. Largely because, as I think I’d already called out in another post, I keep forgetting to disable HDR before capturing screenshots.

And if you try to capture a screenshot with HDR enabled, you get something like this:

The Division 2 — Albeit captured while HDR was enabled, resulting in an incredibly washed-out looking image.

OK, I guess that’s a screenshot after all. Not quite ‘Screenshotless’ as it turns out, but still… Not one I’d normally share. This is less ‘screenshot’ and more ‘illustrative demonstration of the issues at hand’.

While live on screen, that scene was vibrant! The UI really ‘popped’. This looks like it has been run a time or two through the poo-brown filter.

I’m going to go right now and turn HDR off in the game though!

… Probably!

(Alright, I’ll try really hard next time I go in to play it anyway.)

((Also, it occurs to me as I pondered what to use for the ‘Featured Image’ at the top of the post, I could’ve done some form of Caturday tie in, too!))

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