Five Game Challenge Day 4: Staying Awake is the Hardest Part

First: Some good news. The urge to play something off my list of five games that struck so hard on day two has passed. For now. I’m sure it’ll be back later but right now Skyrim is really scratching my gaming itch.

The problem, as it were, is that it’s remarkably difficult to find much to say when sleep becomes such an overwhelming priority so early in the evening! There is a lot going on right now, with more responsibility for running the family on me than I’m typically used to. So being tired probably shouldn’t be the greatest surprise ever.

Still. I was close to calling today a wash and just going to bed earlier before finding a bit of a second wind and getting at least a little game-time in. :)

I’m a hero of this place. Already! All I had to do was plink arrows into a dragon everyone else was already plinking arrows into and then somehow receive all the credit for taking it down.

Playing through as an Orcish warrior, a brute of a fellow with a 2H axe as weapon of choice, is so different from the norm for me. I am finding it incredibly difficult to stop myself hitting Ctrl to crouch as I approach every encounter.

Essentially in my head-canon for this character — bow and arrow to start a fight or to hit something flying is not only alright, it’s good strategy. But to sneak around? No, no, no. That’s not OK. Suffice to say, I’ll likely not be joining either the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood on this character.

After the antics with the dragon at the watch tower, I have been summoned to High Hrothgar to talk to the Greybeards. That sounds neat and all, but first I wanted to put my newfound fame to the test and join the Companions. But for as impressed as the general guardsfolk are by my alleged Dragonborn status and rapid rise to ‘Thane’, the Companions simply did not care. No recognition whatsoever.

Not to say that they didn’t let me join, just that they didn’t immediately fall down on themselves in my presence.

Ah well. I suppose dragon-slayer or nae, I am only level 4 still.

And looking on the bright side, they did give me a place to sleep already! Which is brilliant. Save trying to trudge around in the dark of night if I don’t want to.

Now I have a mission to take down a rogue set of Wizards.

But they can await another day. It’s night in game. It’s night in real life. Time to sleep in both.


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