Outriders My Next Big Game?

I’m a sucker for looter-shooters now like I once was was for MMO’s in the past. It’s true. No matter what disappointments the genre throws at me, I keep coming back for more.

Pushing into ever harder content for ever better rewards. The chase for loot. The hallmarks of the ARPG progenitor genre, another genre incidentally I still love too.

I do wonder if, one day, I might fall out of love with the genre in the same way I have with RTS’ and to a lesser degree MMOs. I worry about that even. Which is somewhat paradoxical when you really break it down. Because the worry is that I’ll no longer play something that I enjoy. But with genre burnout, I no longer play because I’ve stopped enjoying it. So if I’m no longer enjoying it, then there’s no need to worry, right?

Yeah, anyway. That’s a problem for another day.

I think it’s a long way off into the future yet.


This is less your Destiny style Looter-Shooter and more your Remnant: From the Ashes. Which is to say it isn’t edging into MMO territory, nor is it attempting to be a forever game. It’ll have co-operative play but for a maximum of three players.

It has a set campaign story and some endgame activities beyond that but the idea will be to deliver a complete experience out of the box right from the get-go.

I’m pretty optimistic about this one. Far moreso than I was for Godfall. Godfall I wanted to be good, but could see the writing on the wall with what was being shown. Although I will admit it ended up being worse than even I expected.

However, it has received yet another delay. Outriders was initially to be released latter half of 2020. It then moved to February 2nd 2021 and it has now been moved out to April 1st 2021.

Although the news isn’t all bad.

February will see the release of a free-to-all demo, allowing play for the first several hours of the game and all four classes in both singleplayer and co-op. Better still- progress made in the demo will carry through to the full release should you choose to buy it.

Hooboy am I looking forward to this. And you can bet I’ll be talking about the demo when it’s here.

…Provided I can work out what class to play first. Possibly the Technomancer? The cross of team-support and summoned weapons could be fun. :)

If you’re after a bit more info on what this thing is all about, here’s one of the more recent info/overview vids. :)


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