This announcement comes as something of a surprise to me. But perhaps if I’d been paying a little more attention, it wouldn’t have. Turns out, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition has been receiving additional expansions, one as recently as December 2021.

I played the original release of Titan Quest to death back when it came out in 2006. It came with the promise of multiplayer and, perhaps even more importantly given the guild’s interest in building for NWN, a level editor within which we were told we could build our own worlds.

Unfortunately… Its multiplayer was very, very broken. It rarely worked and so the rest of the package faded in importance. My foggy memory of those days tells me that the multiplayer was eventually fixed, but far, far too late for the interest of our group.

Despite that, most of us played through it to completion even in Singleplayer. Heck, even I did, which is really saying something. Titan Quest — long before Grim Dawn did it — allowed class building through the mixing of two different ‘masteries’. e.g., taking ‘Hunting’ and ‘Nature’ masteries would make you a ‘Ranger’. Taking ‘Warfare’ and ‘Defense’ made you a ‘Conqueror’.

But whatever the title, you kept the freedom to invest in either or both mastery trees as you saw fit.

Before today, I would have told you that while Titan Quest’s legacy may live on in other titles — TQ itself was dead. Iron Lore the studio behind it died. THQ itself later died, although it’s IP assets were sold on and we have seen a rebirth of sorts since then. I was aware that there was another expansion and the anniversary edition in 2016, but I thought it had stopped there.

Turns out…

Not so much!

This is only a CGI story trailer, so no gameplay just yet… But colour me interested nonetheless.

Development has been given over to Grimlore games, of SpellForce 3 fame. Sure- SF3 may not have been showered in the highest reviews of all time, but I had a fair bit of fun with it.

Anddd, they have a history of releasing building tools.

So might the promise of Titan Quest the original, be delivered upon here?

Perhaps! I’m keen to find out.

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