I dunno, but 53 million struck me as a lot of views for a game trailer. Or any trailer really. And it wasn’t across that threshold when I looked only a couple of days ago. Right now, it is in fact sitting at 53,000,657 views. I’m sure that number will be different by the time I finish this post. Heck, this paragraph, probably. (Yep, 53,000,777.)

This made me a little curious what other game trailers might’ve hit. Curious enough to hit up Google at least. Although this was a pursuit quickly abandoned when it started telling me that some mobile games had higher view counts than other actual games!

When facts don’t agree with your world view, of course the only natural thing to do is discard said facts and find new facts instead. … Right? Right. *cough*

Anyway, I started a new tack of random searches on YouTube as game names came to mind that might’ve pulled big numbers. At first I imagined I’d only take the ‘official source’ — but it quickly became clear that quite frequently other outlets pulled bigger numbers than the official sources. This is something I had sort of observed before, but this pulled it into focus.

Anywho — instead, and in the name of practicality — I just had a look at the single biggest view count for a given game’s trailer. Typically the first result (which was handy) and took that. I didn’t try to combine sources of the same trailer. But I did look across the different trailers for a game if I happened to be aware of them to find the most popular.

This reminds me a little of the Barrens. (Ooh, World of Warcraft original cinematic trailer? 3.6m after 9 years. Although Battle for Azeroth at just 2 years did manage to rack up 21m views.)

Before discarding the awful Google Search Result which showed mobile games topping out the pack and destroying my fragile world view, I did note a few big titles in there to take a look at now.

Grand Theft Auto V trailer for example? 60 million views. And that sucker has been up for 8 years.

The Witcher 3 – Killing Monsters trailer (the single most popular for the game) ‘only’ pulled about 10.7 million views over 6 years.

Hmm… Team Fortress 2? We waited for that sucker near on a decade. And it had a fair few official machinima and trailers behind it. ‘Meet the Medic’ achieved almost 57 million. But that’s also after a long time.

So clearly other games can, and have, hit over 53 million views. I wonder though if any other has managed it in under a year?

Because Hytale did. Alright, if we’re splitting hairs — it’s basically a year. The trailer released December 13th 2018 so we’re only days away. But somehow, I still had no idea of this games existence until now.

How it so completely slipped under my radar I’m not entirely sure! But wow! Just… Just look at it!

Minecraft 2.0 — now with more Zelda!

The Hytale developers recently posted an update admitting just how intimidating the degree of attention and fame garnered just from the trailer so far has been.

The attention has driven them to reinforce their feeling of needing to only show things ‘launch ready’ from herein out. They mention some aspects of Hytale being there — or close — while others are still very early and rough, or needing a revamp.

Frankly, I’m still just amazed at how I didn’t know Hytale was a thing. Still a far away thing, it seems. But a rather good looking thing nonetheless. Some have been calling it a Minecraft killer (heh, ‘x killer’ now there’s a blast from the past. How many ‘WoW killers’ did we cycle through?) but I think there is room in this world for both to exist.

While no doubt still sandboxy, it seems Hytale is going to focus a lot more on the adventure aspects — perhaps a Minecraft-Terraria cross? Colour me super excited.

…Hmmm. Minecraft trailer? Lordy. 144 million views.


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MagiWasTaken · December 10, 2019 at 12:39 am

I guess we are all in some sorts of bubbles. While you didn’t know about Hytale, I kind of have been following it for quite some time, especially since its creator, Hypixel (aka Simon), made a ton of different Minecraft-Adventure-Maps that are really awesome and since the Hypixel-Server has been a great success for quite some time. Tbh, I haven’t played Minecraft in ages and I’m not that excited about Hytale since it’s looking like a mix of Trove and Minecraft (Minecraft-aesthetics + the concept of Trove or Cube World or whatever) but I guess I’ll still follow it here and there whenever there’s something new about it – since it’s probably the most successful “Minecraft-Clone” that will come out any time soon and that’s gonna be interesting.
On YouTube, I’m following a few people that are playing on the “Hermitcraft”-Server – which is basically a project that’s been running for a few different seasons with a ton of different people from all over the world who specilize in redstone-stuff, farms, aesthetics and other fields which is quite interesting to watch (at least I like it). Among those “hermits” there’s someone called XisumaVoid who’s also talking quite often about Hytale and its updates, making videos about that kinda stuff, so I just kind of happen to be in that bubble, while you for instance may be in that MMO-Bubble that I’m not really well-traversed in. :c

Either way, Hytale’s gonna be interesting, but it’s not something I’ll personally be excited about, unlike WitchMarsh, Tunic, Outer Wilds, Ring of Pain, Eastward, and Scourge Bringer :) But then again, that’s probably something for a whole new post as well^^

    Naithin · December 10, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    It is indeed interesting the bubbles we do and don’t end up part of, and the perception shifts that can rather suddenly occur when one pops for whatever reason.

    It is so easy to assume ‘everyone’ knows about something because everyone in your usual bubbles do. =)

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