Oooh, a blogger idea to jump on! Krikket started with this post, followed up by Paeroka with this one over here. The idea is simple enough; take a look at the oldest additions to your wishlist and determine whether they stay or go.

Or at least, that is how I’ve chosen to interpret things, because.. uh.. Unlike the other two, I do not do a good job of keeping a clean wishlist. I’m fairly liberal in what I add, and only very infrequently go through and rank the stuff I’ve recently added. Much less often than even that do I go through and remove things.

So perhaps you won’t be too surprised to learn I currently have 334 items on my wishlist, of which 26 are DLC.

I have to scroll through roughly 50 items before I even begin to hit items added in the 2020’s.

Despite that, I do actually believe that once a thing has been on the wishlist for more than a few years it’s incredibly unlikely that I’ll then ever actually go pick it up.

So I suppose, let’s put that to the test and see whether I keep any of the oldest 5 or so items on my wishlist!

Celestial Command

Added: 12th July 2014.

Ah man. I remember this one. It was getting perhaps slow but definitely steady updates for a long time. But the last one now was July 2020, so it might perhaps be time to let this one go.

I was interested in it from the perspective of what they were trying with orbital mechanics and general physics modelling with object collisions and all that good stuff, with the game itself allowing for building your own space stations and ships.

Decision: Removed.


Added: 14th December 2014

This one… I don’t remember so much. I assume at some point it was an early access title, but if so, it graduated to a full release in 2017.

It sounds like it might have a bit of a Settlers thing going, where it is ostensibly a real-time strategy game, but you do not directly control the units. The concept of which? I really like but the aesthetic… ehhhh…

Surely at some point I’ve seen this at some low prices. In fact, Augmented Steam (a great addon for your browser, btw) tells me the historical low for this game is NZ$2.51, back in 2016.

I think I’ve gone this long, I can probably continue to go on without it.

Decision: Removed

Ironclad Tactics

Added: 6th January 2015

Ooh, another one I remember. I didn’t recall though, until looking at it again just now, that it was a Zachtronics game! That’s a brand I associate much more with the mechanical shape/builder puzzle games like SpaceChem or Opus Magnum.

This one is quite an oldie though, despite when I added it to my wishlist, it actually came out in 2013. I discovered it through seeing it’s name come up by way of a friend playing it. I didn’t recognise the name of the game at all, so I took a look, clearly liked what I saw, and added it to my wishlist.


I still haven’t bought it yet. So… probably not gonna.

Off it goes.

Decision: Removed

Avernum 2: Crystal Souls

Added: 16th January 2015

Krikket and Magi may get a kick out of the fact this was developed by Spiderweb Software, aka Jeff Vogel, who went to great lengths to tell us all a year or two (or three?) ago that there were just too many indie games being developed and that people making these games should go get real jobs and be productive.

Well… Maybe he was partially onto something, because I never got around to this title despite being quite enthused by the prospect of doing so back when I added it.

I went through a period of resurgent interest in these classic, older style isometric CRPG titles, but I just never made it through the rest of Mr Vogel’s body of work, and so, this one has remained.

I don’t see myself revisiting this particular interest any time super soon, so…

Decision: Removed

Added: 18th January 2015

OK… Ok ok ok. So with this one at least… I might have something of an excuse.

This one is still actually in early access. Its last update — July 4th this year — brought it up to v0.29. I would presume, therefore, it still has some way to go!

Having said that, has been at Overwhelmingly Positive — both on recent reviews and overall — for quite a long time. I think what has held me off is that the game is still more of a ‘toy’ than an actual game. Sure, there are race modes and what like — but that doesn’t seem to be how people actually play it. boasts quite an impressive physics engine, and can thus be used to quite amusing effect. Especially with the insane range of mods already available, and the in-game editor!

… So… While I’m not perhaps ready to pick it up right now, this is one I’m not ready to quit on yet. So!

Decision: Remains!

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Krikket · August 18, 2023 at 2:24 am

Oh friend, my wish list actually looks a lot like yours, I just laser-focused on unreleased games without release dates.

I do – very occasionally – clean out mine in the way you did here. If something is available and been on there for years, I am probably not actually going to buy it. After 3-4 major sales, it’s either not seeing a discount deep enough to make me grab it, or I didn’t care that much in the first place!

    Naithin · August 18, 2023 at 12:10 pm

    Haha, I have to say — that is somewhat reassuring to hear.

    And also paves the way for a ‘Part 2’ of this done ‘properly’ as you intended. Yay free content ideas! ;D

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