Don’t worry, it isn’t just deja vu, I really did already do this yesterday.

But I did it wrong. I had noted in Krikket’s post that the games detailed were of the unreleased variety — but I had misread the opening and then assumed that was simply what was on Wishlist fullstop. So when I came and did my own version of this idea — I simply went with the oldest games on my wishlist, in terms of when they were added.

But nope! Krikket let me know that was simply the focus she went with.

You know what though?

I’m glad I made that mistake because now I get another day without scrambling for a post idea. :D (Thanks Krikket!)

In addition to Krikket’s post originally kicking this idea off, Paeroka and Gryph have also jumped on to share their situation. I got a real kick out of seeing the Steam Controller still on Gyph’s list, too.

As for the longest-awaited games on my Wishlist? Well… Let’s see! I’m going to skip those that have an early access release, and like Krikket, just hone in on those that are still ‘Coming soon’.

In the Valley of Gods

Added: December 27th, 2017

This is from the creators of Firewatch. And I really quite enjoyed Firewatch. A somewhat chill story adventure game, with good voice acting to go along with it.

In the Valley of Gods had that one great trailer 5-years ago which introduced me to the song ‘Muddy Waters’ by LP which remains on my playlist to this day!

But if you look at the Steam Store for this one now, asides from the ‘Coming Soon’ information shown in the wishlist, this is immediately shown as a lie with the ‘planned release’ date now December 2029.

As it turns out, the studio behind this was absorbed into the Valve machine and then went and worked across a range of other projects. In the Valley of Gods was put on hold in 2019, and to date, has not been returned to. *sigh*

Decision: Removed.

The Last Night

Added: Oct 4th 2018

I put the trailer in for this one, because I think it is one of those visual styles that is done little justice in stills alone. And frankly, beyond the ‘cool’ factor of it, I have very little attachment to this game. I didn’t really remember it until I came in and looked again.

The last update I can find is here, stating the game will, ‘make a comeback in 2022’.


It didn’t.

Decision: Removed (although very likely that if it does ever release, I’ll look at it again. Probably go back on the wishlist for another 5 years).

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Added: March 22nd 2019

Maaaan. I really want this one. Krikket covered this one too and recalled the death of Troika following on from the original game’s release, and the pass-the-parcel that has already gone on with the development of this one.

It’s hard to remain positive about a game having gone through so much development hell, as it rarely signals good things for the final product, but…

I’m not quite ready to let this one go yet. From a ranking perspective though, it now sits at 36 in my list. There was a time it occupied the #1 spot, and a much longer time it was in the top 10.

Decision: Remains.


Added: May 25th 2019

Until the announcement of Cities: Skylines 2 it was a long stretch of dark days as a SimCity-esque game enjoyed. I mean… Cities: Skylines the first was still fantastic, don’t get me wrong!

But… New and shiny was narry to be seen, beyond the increasingly smaller in scope DLC packs, as assumedly, development on Cities 1 ramped down in favour of Cities 2 ramping up.

In any case, when I added this one to my wishlist I knew it was incredibly early days. A sort of alpha state title that would have a long wait-and-see attached to it.

But… The last update from the developer was all the way back in the same year I wishlisted it, September 2019.

Decision: Removed.

Within the Cosmos

Added: October 20th 2019

This is another really quite ambitious but single-person/small-outfit title that I added while it was reasonably early in development. It reminds me, even now, a lot of The Outer Worlds. This too is billed as a Sci-Fi RPG and has a very similar aesthetic. Although I couldn’t give any commentary on whether the narrative tone and comedic elements would be similar as well or not.

The last update for this one is 2021, confirming a delay to their release window… To Q1 2022.

It’s still more than possible this will see the light of day.

But I think I’m going to take it off the list for right now and then if it ever does resurface… Well; can take another look then!

Decision: Removed (if that was still a surprise after the last line. xD)

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