It has been a little while now since I last took a look at my Steam wishlist here on the blog. Back in 2019 seems to be the last time, in fact.

From the list back then…

RankGameWhat Happened?
1Cyberpunk 2077Bought it! Maybe should’ve waited. Played it a bit now though, and enjoyed!
2Kerbal Space Program 2Launched into early access for $90NZD. A figure that still blows my mind. Worse than the asking price is the fact it is still bad. I’m getting the sense it will be abandoned and never live up to the promises made. Currently sits at Rank 13 (down 11) in my wishlist on the off chance I’m wrong.
3Monster Hunter World: IceborneBought it. Loved it. In retrospect, should’ve been #1 on my wishlist back then. Amazing expansion to an amazing game.
4Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2Not even out yet, 4 years later. Development hell has been strong with this one. Down to rank 36 (down 32) on my wishlist now.
5Death StrandingBought it! Twice, kinda — if you could the Director’s cut upgrade as well. Enjoyed what I’ve played, but still a long way off completion.
6Transport Fever 2Bought it! :D Refunded it. D: Bought it again! Devs gave it a series of good seasonal updates, although despite having bought it again, yet to actually try it again.
7Subnautica: Below ZeroBought it! But… Was somewhat disappointed by this one. The original Subnautica is still an amazing experience, but I’m unsure whether this one was simply a weaker entry (I suspect so) or whether the magic of the first time just can’t be recaptured (also possible).
8Mount & Blade II: BannerlordBought it! Early access was strong, but I ended up wanting to await the full release. Which has since happened actually… Needs a revisit, and stat!
9EVERSPACE 2Bought it! I stayed clear of most of the Early Access though, as at the time I still had my 32:9 monitor and the controls were a bit… wonky. The horizontal scaling just made it act strangely. This seemed to get fixed somewhere along the way, and I changed to a 21:9 anyway. Still need to play much more, though, since it came out of early access earlier this year!
10Doom EternalBought it! Played it, albeit not to completion. Still keen on getting through to the DLCs at some point though.

And now?

1Dragon’s Dogma 2
4Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II
5Hollow Knight: Silksong
6Endless Dungeon
7A Plague Tale: Requiem
8Hades II

Probably worth noting that had I done this list even a few weeks earlier, it would have looked quite different. I’ve now grabbed myself a copy of the games I know I’ll be playing. e.g., Cities Skylines 2 and Armored Core VI. Ooh, and Remnant II.

Those all occupied very high spots (Cities 2 was my #1).

From what’s left and on my list, only one of those titles is actually out — A Plague Tale: Requiem. I quite enjoyed the first game and hoped it would get a sequel. Well, it has been out a wee while now… Just need to actually jump in and play it.

Although I suppose, to be fair, I was also pretty late to the party with the first game. So this is in many respects, just keeping with tradition. ;)

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