So… *Twiddles thumbs* I may have made a few additional ‘investments’ into the longevity of my backlog. Yup. The Steam sale got me. Being completely honest, a fair few of the purchases were probably a bit foolish. By which I mean a goodly number of them are exactly the sort of title to eventually wind up in a Humble Monthly bundle.

So no singular ‘big’ purchases in there. Dark Souls: Remastered was only a tad over $6 NZD with the sale discount on top of the ‘You already own the last Dark Souls PC release’ discount. There really aren’t any other big AAA titles that even appeal right now. Not for current pricing, in any case. Despite the mixed reviews I would consider Rage 2 on a deeper discount perhaps.

Dark Souls: Remastered -- Scenery

On the other hand, there are still dozens of other indie titles I’d like to add the collection. No line of sight to when any of them would get a look-in for play time… But details, details. Train Valley 2, Project Hospital and Sunless Skies right up there. Not sure if I’ll pick them or anything else up before the end of the sale. Buuuut it’s certainly possible.

I’ve only spent a little time mucking around in Forager, Universe Sandbox ², Baba is You and Dark Souls: Remastered. Perhaps 30-40 minutes in each. Dark Souls: Remastered is essentially how I expected from video and screenshots seen to date. Arguably the HD mod for the original PC release looks a bit better, but you do get the occasional moment of surprising beauty either in scenery or character model.

Forager… Hm. I think the start of the game might have a bit of a pacing issue. I assume it will pick up once automation kicks in, but for now it feels a bit like an idle game that is mandatory to actively play… If that makes any sense at all to anyone but me.

Baba is You is great. I’m through first overland section and into a few levels of ‘Lake’ and I’m already super impressed by the creativity of the word puzzles allow for. I’ll no doubt spend a bit more time on this one.

Universe Sandbox ² is more toy than game. At least in the way I am currently equipped to interact with it. The simulation side seems fairly impressive — from the perspective of someone below even a rank amateur — but I’m fairly far off having any meaningful interactions with it.

But the ones I’m most excited to spend some real time with are Celeste, GRIS and Battle Chasers. I just want to make sure I have some real time to put into them before I start. :)


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Red Metal · June 30, 2019 at 1:44 am

I have to admit I don’t use Steam much anymore, having jumped ship to GOG, but it looks like you managed to get a lot of great games. Having played both Dark Souls and Celeste, I can say you’re in for a treat.

    Naithin · June 30, 2019 at 3:51 am

    I have bought the odd thing from GOG, in particular bought copies of each of the Witcher series’ entries to support them with a better share. The problem for me though is that they sell to NZ in AUD which in the past has meant near to USD conversion rates but the titles were still regionally priced much higher.

    The conversion rate right now is not too bad though to be honest, AUD has fallen a fair bit and NZD is pretty close to it at the moment.

    In any case, pretty happy with the haul on Steam so far! :D

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