Loopin’ Back

Still going with Loop Hero. I don’t think I’ll be done with it until I at least finish Chapter 4 once — which I’m closing in on, I might add. I can feel the power progression from the main map coming along quite nicely. I’m loathe to even put this to text, as it’ll almost certainly mean I don’t but I can at least see a world wherein this game becomes one that I 100% / Platinum / whatever your vernacular of choice is for getting all the achievements.

If I do — it’d be the first time in… I don’t know. Probably since the Telltale story games of old where you received all the achievements simply for finishing them.

This is an older screenshot of the building tech tree for the main base — but I’ve now completed this. I have at least one of every building type available. Just upgrades to go now, maybe a few extra farms with how much food is going to be required!

Going for 100% achievement completion just isn’t something I go for. It isn’t a style of play when there are just so many other things sitting waiting for attention.

And yet… I’ve already gone after a few achievements that aren’t strictly speaking necessary to the completion of my current goal. For instance, I just completed the achievement to kill the chapter 2 boss three times. This wasn’t entirely an own-goal, because I wanted one of the talent picks that can be unlocked from that boss anyway. Plus it helped with some material farming for the town.

On the last kill required for the achievement — where I did in fact unlock the talent I wanted, woo! — I decided to stick around a little longer… And fill out every last tile on the map for the ‘World Anew’ achievement.

Most of the achievements I earned today were of the rare (under 10% of plays have them) variety too, which is nice! The rarest of them sitting at about 3.3% achievement right now.

Today’s achievement haul

Still- even with all those added to my pile today, I’m only 33/50 — or about 66% of the way there. I’ll get another one or two I’m sure for simply being able to complete Chapter 4.

And so far, the ‘just one more loop!’ effect is strong.

Disruptively so!

Another weekend is here and looking to be Valheim free. BDO free. Dragon Age: Inquisition free. Probably The Evil Within 2 free, too. Still have Sunday to go though, so we’ll see. And it isn’t as if I’ll regret the temporary lack of these even if this turns out to be true.

I just wonder though, when the pendulum of interest will start swinging back toward these other things and my priorities will change as I’ve written about before. I feel like the outer edge of the arc has been reached, where it is teetering before moving back in towards the ‘everything else’ pile.

Will that reach the other side before or after 100%ing Loop Hero?

We’ll see. :)


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  1. Kluwes says:

    I’ve never been much of an achievement chaser myself. My only 100% complete game was Diablo 3 on the PS4. I find the stats for games with chapter completion achievements very interesting though. There’s always a hard fall off towards the middle and an even harder fall off towards the end. I’ve even seen some games where 20% of players never made it out of character creation!

    • Naithin says:

      Yeah! The percentage of people that never seem to get past even the most basic intro achievements makes me wonder whether they’re counting all owners of the game or whether it is just those who have actually launched the game.

      With Steam at least, the ‘Friends who have this’ list seems to be based on those who’ve launched it at least once rather than just own it.

      Either way though, whichever way you assume there, yeah – the falloff from start to finish of a game can be an interesting thing to observe by the achieves, particularly where a particular game has quite a specific drop-off point rather than a gradual decline. Hehe.

  2. Frostilyte says:

    Would your mind be steered clear of 100% completion in Loop Hero if I told you that you need to finish chapter 4 a whole 6 times to get one of the achievements?

    • Naithin says:

      Haha. That for unlocking all the talents?

      As for the question — it depends! With Ch’s 1-3, they’re all SUPER easy now. If Ch.4 can end up in such a state without too much pushing beyond the first successful run… Then it probably doesn’t dissuade me too much.

      But I’m unsure yet how much growth there will be left to go at that point, so guess we’ll see!

      • Frostilyte says:

        Nah that’s just for getting an achievement. The other chapters have “beat boss 3 times” and for ch 4 it is 6.

        With where I was at I have almost all of the buildings maxed and I only just barely scraped by that win in 4. I still feel like the difficulty ramp up from 3 to 4 is wholly unreasonable XD

        • Naithin says:

          Alright- then yes. Yes it does go some way toward dissuading me. ;)

          Honestly, going 100% in a game is so outside of how I normally play, it was always a longshot. I have in the past gone targeted quite specific and difficult achievements, especially when I’ve needed something to shake up the way I play.

          But 100%ing? Very rare.

          Although, so far, agree! The ramp between 3 and 4 is insane. Although to be fair, I did originally think the same about 2 to 3.

  3. Asmiroth says:

    I am really liking the trend of small/indie devs blasting out amazing games. I mean, its bound to happen when like 2000 games launch a month, but still, it feels really good to have so many crazy good options.

    • Naithin says:

      Agreed! I especially get a kick out of it when I just had no idea they were even a thing that existed and then BOOM, there they are- making gaming better. :)

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