Five Game Challenge Day 7: Looking Forward

When I first imagined this end-of-week series throughout the month, it was more along the thinking of acknowledging the games entering my awareness that were at risk of making me break the challenge. But right now at this admittedly very early juncture that doesn’t seem to actually be a risk.

Now that could very easily change. I know that.

But I think for now at least, I’m going to reimagine this post series as simply looking ahead to what I most want to consider playing when the challenge is over. Particularly if I continue the concept of monthly goals, I’ll need to prioritise my picks at the end of the month. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Heck it’s entirely possible some of the games from the challenge will still be in the line-up. But I guess we’ll see! For now, here are some other contenders on my mind:

1) The Outer Worlds

Perhaps an obvious one. I cut off from The Outer Worlds rather abruptly in order to start this challenge. Very shortly after adding it to my games of interest list, in fact.

Despite initial misgivings about there being nothing really ‘new’ to latch onto, understanding came fairly quick that that wasn’t necessary. The story beats were familiar to be sure, but as an experience it has stuck with me.

It’s very likely I’ll be back into this, with goals, once the month is up.

2) Avorion

Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot — but this overview video despite the age is still surprisingly relevant!

I only picked this up a day or two before the November Five Game Challenge started. I don’t even have two hours into it yet.

Avorion ticks a great many of the boxes I like. Space. Able to build up fleets and set them loose with AI captains. Build your own stations. Stupidly large galaxy.

It’s still in early access (so the Q3 2017 comment at the end of the video made me laugh) with features still rolling out. One of the major recent releases (not covered in the video linked) added a more fully fleshed out Diplomacy system to the mix.

X4 could also sate many of the desires this game would. But X4 has a major update and expansion coming early next year — so I’ll give that one a bit more time in the oven. :)

3) Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC)

If you’re willing to pick it up either through the Epic Game Store, or Rockstars’ own store — you can get it right now.

You might not want to though. Issues abound. Some with the Rockstar launcher specifically, but others even once you get ingame with crashes and the like.

It comes out on Steam next month too — so even without this challenge rolling on, I would likely have waited to see how patching went over the next weeks.

Might even hold off starting this one until work goes into shutdown for the year. (Holy moley I so can’t waaaaait. :))


Gamer, reader, writer, husband and father of two boys. Former WoW and Gaming blogger, making a return to the fold to share my love of all things looty.

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