The fourth and final Looking Forward for this round of the Five Game Challenge. A last look at what might tempt me away from the path of the five. Only a couple of days to go, so despite an ever growing desire to play all the things, it’s looking like I’ll make it.

…But if I was going to break early, here’s a couple of things I might do it for. Neither of which are ‘new’ titles actually, but both have received recent content refreshes. :)

Grim Dawn

I’ve always meant to come back to Grim Dawn anyway. I still haven’t played through the latest expansion, Forgotten Gods, even.

But add to that the latest 1.1.5.x patches which overhauled the loot generation of the game *significantly* and it feels like a good time to head back. Every single Epic has been rejiggered. Affixes have been buffed to make the previously less popular ones more appealing.

A new quest chain with a series of dungeons which ultimately point you at the newest rogue-like dungeon addition to the game.

So much! Let me at it! :D

X4: Foundations (3.0 Beta Patch)

This video is actually playing in beta version 2.60 — but it was this series that grew my interest levels up again.

EgoSoft, the developers of the X series are one of those developers that it is often wise to let them just… sit with their games for a while. CD Projekt Red used to be the same way with the first two entries of The Witcher series.

This is to say, the launch versions are filled with promise and poorly executed. But! Also, they do not get forgotten. The Witcher 1 and 2 both received ‘Enhanced’ versions re-released for free to existing owners.

The X series tends to take big jumps in version numbers rather than rebranding efforts. I haven’t really touched X4 since it came out late last year. I could already tell they were making good on their promise to return the series to a good place… Or at least, a better place than X: Rebirth went.

Still — given a choice between X4 and X3, I would have taken X3.

Enough seems to have been done over the course of the past year though to at least make me pretty interested in giving this a go all over again. The Beta 3.0 patch includes a goodly number of visual and sound improvements, but also some fairly significant gameplay improvements.

The previous patches improved the in-universe economy too, bringing back a large portion of the dynamism we had in X3 (and probably even X: Rebirth, eventually).

I had planned to hold off until the Split Vendetta expansion came out (delayed, now expected ‘Q1 2020’)… And I still might… But coming across the 2.60 gameplay series linked above has made me pretty intrigued to check it out again.

We’ll see. :)

(Two days to gooooo. So cloooose.)


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