Five Game Challenge Day 15: Star Wars Status Upgrade

Just yesterday I was talking about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order barely making my list of games I was interested in for after the challenge. I wanted it to be good — I just didn’t really have any expectation that it might be.

Since then, two things have come about:

  1. Confirmation that it definitely is part of Origin Access, so I can try it out without any additional spend, and
  2. Trusted sources are telling me that it does in fact, seem to be, well… Not shit. In fact, possibly even good — although they’re still very early on with it.

I don’t even remember when we last saw a good single-player Star Wars game. I want to say the Knight of the Old Republic games, but that’s not quite true. If nothing else we had Star Wars: Empire at War which was a great game — but an RTS rather than RPG.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel I hear were not bad — but you know… I never ended up trying them myself. Has there been anything since?

I actually don’t think so. Possibly at a stretch though you could consider the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO since the XP curve was changed to allow for more of a straight shot through the main story without much if any grinding in the middle of it all.

Anywho. Just one day’s difference since the last post, and the interest levels for this one are night and day. If you’re wanting to give it a try, note it isn’t necessary to buy a copy for full price. As is happening more common now it seems, even as a newly released title — it is available via a game subscription service already.

This time of course, EA’s own Origin Access. For roughly $20 NZD you can give it a shot for a month, which should be more than enough time to beat it.

For a bit of a taste of what it’s all about, here’s 21 minutes of gameplay (from the very start of the game) posted by IGN:


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