Nobody panic! Everything is fine now- well… Mostly. You know. Things are back to a more standard level of crazy as opposed to the batshit bananas stuff we had going on before.

Yep. I’ve finished Control.

Or at least — I’ve finished the main story path of Control. I still have both DLCs (although I have started a wander down to the Foundation area again to start that DLC) and a number of side-quests to go. But I’m going to hold off on those until I can experience them in fullscreen ‘RTX On’ glory. Hopefully later in the month. More realistically October at earliest though I expect. I’ve had to play it in a window so far to maintain a reasonable framerate — 5120×1440 is a pretty demanding resolution for a game like this, even on a 1080 ti.

So! I’m going to be upgrading to one of the new nVidia RTX 3080 cards just about as soon as possible. It has a launch date of September 17th but we don’t really have any idea yet of what stock availability will be like at this date. If it isn’t great, then I expect New Zealand in particular to struggle. Frankly though, just as long as I can get my hands on one before the Christmas holidays I’ll be happy enough. I might even push myself to wait a bit even if stock levels are great right from day one, just to see what the third party card manufacturers come out with.

In any case. The hardware stuff can wait.

Can I just say though, how insanely fun Control was to play? It was seriously difficult to put down. It is a bit of a popcorn action-flick type effect going on I think. A movie in game form, where you are the levitating, mind-controlling, telekinetic rock-throwing badass. Sprinkled throughout being just the right level of story moments and intrigue.

It’s a game that invites a lot of speculation on where things are going and what the ‘twists’ will be. And to its credit, most of the truly obvious ones that struck me was I played through the game ended up not coming to pass.


Maybe I won’t end up waiting for a new graphics card to keep playing after all. I really want to know more of the secrets to ‘The Oldest House’ and how the events of Alan Wake tie into the shared universe and where the Federal Bureau of Control even was through all of the Alan Wake incident? (Although actually this is partially discussed in documents you can find.)

If I do end up managing to hold off after all though, it will be because of just one fact…

Crusader Kings III is out. :D


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Asmiroth · September 4, 2020 at 5:35 am

Whatcha think of the Ashtray Maze? That was action movie feeling all over for me. The music selection in this game is just, wow.

The spore subquest, the mirror subquest, and the fridge AWE are also standouts to me. You may not have seen those yet.

    Naithin · September 4, 2020 at 12:29 pm

    I’ve done the fridge one. Poor Phillip. Haven’t done spore or mirror yet. I have the mirror quest though for sure, not sure if I have the spore one.

    As for the ashtray maze: Yeah! Music selection for it was second favourite of the game for me. First was Darling’s song performance in Jesse’s head. ;)

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