No more than a day after my last post, I finished Chapter 4 of Loop Hero successfully for the first time. I really thought that milestone would be at least a few more days out. Without spoiling too much about what happens in Chapter 4 — I can only say that I was typically failing or needing to abandon the run fairly early on.

There was a particular point where I felt I was going to need to improve something at the town map level. I felt I had refined my card draft as well as I could and the supply choices were in much the same spot with what I had.

That may or may not have been true — but on a whim, I changed up the class. Went back and tried it on Necro with a new deck to match the class. And… beat it immediately. And then a second time. (Although with a failed run between the two.)

In the interests of avoiding spoilers, this is not Chapter 4! This was from my Chapter 2 kill boss 3x and As Anew achievement run. I can’t even show the achievement images without giving away more than some might appreciate — but if you’d like to see what I currently have, here you go!

In my last post, I pondered whether I might go ahead and 100% this game. Get all dem ‘cheevs. I can answer that now: I don’t think so. At least not in a concerted ‘do it all now’ style.

Seeing it through to end credits is enough for me to break free of Loop Hero’s spell for the time being. No doubt I’ll continue to play it here and there more casually as it’s a great title to play while watching something. And that is a category of games I’m always happy to add another discovery too.

This is a pretty current look at my town, though!

Sometimes I’m just right in the mood to be able to play something light touch while paying attention to a guilty pleasure show or a YouTube vid perhaps.

In any case, the question for now is: What next??

Black Desert Online has shown a sniff of a come-back for me, after one night I just decided to flip the bird to the secondary storyline of Valencia and made my way over to Kamasylvia.

I haven’t done much there yet — just the introduction quest to the town, but already I’m pleased with my decision to get out of the Desert and into the Elven lands. I still don’t know that I’ll meet my goal of completing the season pass but I’m pretty well OK with that, I think.

Then there is also The Evil Within 2 for #MaybeInMarch. I’ve given it a little taste and so far, I quite like it! So this is the most likely option I think…

But I also don’t want to give up on Dragon Age: Inquisition. But there is no timer on this one, unlike the other two — so it’ll probably fall to the wayside at least for now.

We also can’t ignore the prospect of an outside choice coming in and knocking everything else out too. I still have Nioh 2 waiting in the wings after all. ;)


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